About that weekend White House wedding: ‘Shamelessness and irony have no bounds’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 22, 2022

Hunter Biden’s oldest daughter, Naomi Biden, married Peter Neal in a ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House on Nov. 19.

The couple appeared to be very comfortable and in their element.

Joe Biden, Naomi Biden, Peter Neal, and Jill Biden: ‘Hunter Biden’s new son-in-law worked “with attorneys in the FARA Unit, the same entity which should be investigating Hunter”.’

Both are lawyers, Naomi is an associate attorney at the D.C. law firm Arnold & Porter. Neal is an associate at Georgetown Law’s Center on National Security. He interned at the White House when Joe Biden was vice president and had an externship at the Department of Justice’s National Security Division.

Neal has in the past boasted “about using his nepotistic connections” at the DOJ, according to Marco Polo, a research group run by former Trump administration official Garrett Ziegler that documented and indexed the contents of the abandoned Hunter Biden laptop.

Biden supporters in Big Media have fawned over the White House wedding despite the Bidens not allowing press to cover the ceremony or other wedding festivities.

“The Bidens’ lack of transparency is unprecedented for a wedding held at the White House, as is the fact that the president’s grandchild is getting married there: In 222 years, Naomi will be the first to grift in this way,” Marco Polo noted.

Neal graduated from law school at the University of Pennsylvania in May.

A May 4 report in the University of Pennsylvania law school publication noted Neal’s externship at the DOJ’s National Security Division within its Counterintelligence and Export Control Section (CES).

“Neal spent his time at the CES working primarily on matters that fell under the Foreign Agents Registration Act,” the report says.

Neal is quoted in the report as saying: “The opportunity to work on efforts to root out actors that sought to influence our government at the behest of foreign interests was very meaningful, and it felt responsive to some of the largest concerns of the moment.”

Hunter Biden’s new son-in-law worked “with attorneys in the FARA Unit, the same entity which should be investigating Hunter,” Marco Polo noted. “The shamelessness & irony knows no bounds.”

Marco Polo added: “In addition to getting placed at the DOJ with help from his alma matter (Penn paid Joe handsomely from 2017-2019 and illegally received millions in anonymous donations from Chinese nationals), Neal worked on an issue with a clear conflict of interest: Hunter (and his many business colleagues) violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act dozens of times with principals from — at least! — six different countries.”

(More details can be viewed here in the Marco Polo report on Hunter Biden’s laptop.)

Meanwhile, Marco Polo noted on Nov. 11 that another associate of Hunter Biden, Nick McQuaid, has after a stint at the DOJ returned to the law firm, Latham & Watkins, which includes Hunter Biden’s lawyer.

McQuaid “was installed on Joe’s first full day in office as the deputy head of the DOJ’s criminal division,” the Marco Polo report said. “McQuaid was a colleague to Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, at Latham & Watkins LLP; McQuaid & Clark even argued cases together. In essence, Joe installed someone — with whom Clark had a personal relationship — to supervise the department investigating Joe’s own family. … McQuaid will bring back to L&W precious knowledge about the Biden investigation.”

The report added: “More importantly, in contravention of federal regulations (28 CFR § 45.2), McQuaid’s boss did not publish an opinion that McQuaid’s participation in the Biden investigation (DOJ HQ ultimately oversees the U.S. Attorney’s office in Delaware, where the ‘investigation’ is being handled by David Weiss) ‘would not create an appearance of a conflict of interest.’ In other words, McQuaid didn’t recuse himself.”

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