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Unsolicited feedback about WorldTribune.com and Geostrategy-Direct.com


Oregon newspaper publisher:

Congratulations on a fine publication! A friend sent me an article you had published titled: “UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after.” May I have your permission to reprint this?


Anti-war reader about the same article:

I still don’t support this war, but this is a good article. The facts are clearly presented, the sources are cited in the text, and there are no leaps to conclusion.


On the article ‘Report: Syrians, ‘equipment’ were in N. Korea train blast’:

“Let’s see if this makes headline news in the U.S. I have a suspicion that I shouldn’t hold my breath.”


Seoul-based correspondent on the same story:

Heard someone at the Seoul Foreign Correspondents Club referring to “WorldTribune” as evidence that Syrian experts were aboard the N. Korean train that blew up. Assume WorldTribune story was promoting the East-Asia-Intel story this week.


Exchange with California high school librarian:

We are a very academic high school with an educated parent demographic; hence, we do use sophisticated sources. You must be honest about this one: what is your bias? Conservative, liberal? Please don’t tell me you are totally unbiased . . . I won’t believe it. I tend toward conservatism myself, so despite my being a California public educator, don’t think we’re looking just for liberal slants.



[No editor will admit to bias. Geostrategy-Direct.com is an intelligence newsletter and therefore unlikely to be involved in partisan political debate, as would a newspaper. If regarding communist regimes as likely national security threats and tracking terrorist organizations is conservative, then so be it.]

Awesome. Well-phrased. Thanks.


U.S. Coast Guard officer:

I want to thank you for the insightful, well written and most importantly unbiased reporting of world events. It is a shame that the major newspapers and media outlets do not do a better job of informing Americans about the world around them. If there is one area of our country that should consider issues outside of America, it’s out administrators of education …. WorldTribune does a fantastic job.


Poyntner Online (Oct. 2000):

Pity the poor folks at WorldTribune.com, a 2-year-old international news site and email headline alert service. Yesterday, the site published a story headlined “Israel strikes, Palestinian Authority declares war” before the wire services reported the news. DrudgeReport.com quickly posted WorldTribune’s story, which generated a lot of traffic to the web site … so much so that within two hours, WorldTribune’s Web hosting company called to say that it could not handle the traffic and was closing down the site permanently. As the site’s editors say in a note to readers today, yesterday was one of the biggest days in WorldTribune’s short history and it was ruined by not have a Web host that could accommodate a traffic burst.


Geostrategy-direct subscriber:

As a financial analyst covering Europe, the Middle East and Russia, I count on your weekly insights and scoops. Great job!


Border patrol agent from a northern U.S. intelligence unit:

I have been completely satisfied with Geostrategy-Direct and East-Asia-Intel info. Due to changes in my assignment, I must cancel both subscriptions.


Note to Andrew Breitbart:

I want you to know that I visit your site at least twice daily – an excellent diverse news portal. A couple of other favorites include WorldTribune (I notice a link your site too) and I subscribe to their Geostrategy-Direct newsletter.


Geostrategy-Direct subscriber:

As an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Army, I benefit from the products of WorldTribune. You guys are frequently right on the edge with much of the classified material I use daily.

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