700,000 migrants waiting to rush border on May 11 when Biden ends Title 42

by WorldTribune Staff, May 5, 2023

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have gathered in Mexico, preparing to rush the border when Joe Biden ends Title 42 on May 11.

The migrant caravans of the past are nothing compared to what is about to be unleashed at the U.S. southern border, reports say.

Title 42, the border policy instituted by President Donald Trump, ensured that federal immigration officials were able to quickly return millions of illegal aliens to Mexico over the last three years.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have warned the Yuma County Board of Supervisors that as many as 700,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico to rush the border when Title 42 expires, county supervisor Jonathan Lines said.

“Border Patrol shared with us their intelligence that there are approximately 700,000, as of three weeks ago, in the shelters in Mexico waiting to come into the United States,” Lines said. “They also shared with us that at the Darian Gap which is at the Panama Canal, they’ve seen a 500 percent surge in people crossing over that gap on their way up to the United States.”

Lines said that 40 percent of those waiting to cross the border would have been expelled under Title 42 and flown back to their countries of origin.

“That goes away on May 11; they are no longer processed out,” Lines said.

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot said that his officers are unable to apprehend and detain border crossers and illegal aliens, as Biden administration policies would have them charged with kidnapping.

“[If we could arrest], I would fill the jail in a day with the amount of individuals that we encounter trespassing,” Wilmot said.

After Title 42 ends, some 400,000 border crossers and illegal aliens are projected to arrive at the southern border every month.

Team Biden has deployed 1,500 troops to the southern border, not to assist Border Patrol in arresting illegals, but to help process migrants at a faster pace, recent reports have said.

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