26 navies gather in the Pacific for RIMPAC; Japan tracks Russian, Chinese warships

FPI / June 29, 2022


Amid increased activity in the western Pacific by Chinese and Russian warships, the U.S. and allied naval forces were set to launch Rim of the Pacific, or RIMPAC, the world’s largest naval war games on June 29.

An earlier rendition of the RIMPAC joint naval exercises. This year’s version is being touted as the largest ever joint naval exercise. / Twitter

Along with the United States, Japan, India and Australia, many states that have territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea are participating in RIMPAC 2022, which runs through Aug. 4.

A total of 26 navies will take part in the exercises near Hawaii and Southern California.

According to the U.S. Navy, the exercise will include 38 surface ships, four submarines, ground forces from nine nations, more than 170 aircraft and 25,000 troops.

Japan’s Defense Ministry announced two weeks ago that Russian and Chinese warships were spotted and tracked passing close to Japan, security correspondent Bill Gertz reported for the Washington Times.

Seven Russian navy ships sailed near the Izu Islands south of Tokyo, and Japanese forces are on alert for increasing activities by Russia and China near its territory, the ministry said in a statement.

Two Chinese guided-missile destroyers also were spotted in the Sea of Japan after passing the Tsushima Strait off Kyushu. The ships sailed through the Soya Strait into the Okhotsk Sea.

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