2020’s Democratic Marxists give new meaning to the word hypocrisy

Special to WorldTribune, February 13, 2020

Commentary by Charles Togias

Remember recently when a St. Louis couple, Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey, was confronted by an angry mob that broke into their community? Mr. McCloskey is a lawyer and a strong advocate of civil rights for all.

Armed with weapons, the couple confronted the mob. They were defending their lives, liberty and property.

They were very frightened because of the mass destruction including burning, looting and attacks on civilians and police happening all over our country. Their community is gated and many of those entering the community were thugs dedicated to causing violence and harm to those they encountered.

Most of these so called rioters that we have witnessed nightly on the news are dedicated to destroying these cities because they are criminal anarchists and  are supported financially and logistically by far left anarchists [and major corporations] with an anti-American agenda.

From left, Reps. Jerrold Nadler, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. / YouTube

These are not demonstrations by God loving people of our country trying to right wrongs; they are sponsored by anti-God American haters. Just imagine what America would become with them in charge.

Yet lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and their far left Democratic counter parts in these devastated cities agreed with the couple’s arrest. Moreover they have classified these riots as peaceful.

“Leaders” of Democrat-run cities like New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, and many others that are in complete chaos blame President Trump for atrocious and deteriorating conditions.

These political hacks are professional do-nothing, finger-pointing hypocrites that are not qualified to lead yet they are always pointing their finger at others. They take no responsibility for anything negative that happens under their watch. They just blame others!

Nancy Pelosi and many others serving in Congress who have armed security and live in gated communities are complete hypocrites for their perceived outrage with the McCloskey’s. They will only gain an ounce of credibility with me, if they tear down their own walls and completely disarm their own security services. These Washington hypocrites only care about themselves.

Many of them especially on the left lie, cheat and criticize opponents while never taking responsibility themselves. We the people that they supposedly serve are jeopardized with these riots while they are pointing fingers at their opposition.

Please America do not be fooled into thinking they care about you, your family or your safety! If they did care, these riots would be over the day they started. How long do you think they would have lasted if they had taken place in the neighborhood of a member of Congress?

I want to conclude with a very simple solution to end these riots.

Israel has a spray that is guaranteed to disperse these rioters without causing physical harm. It has a very strong skunk type smell and is very effective at dispersing a large crowd. They use it at their borders with great effectiveness. Developed by Israeli researchers, the spray can be swallowed and not cause injury or harm. It would be a very simple way to bring peace and law and order to these crime-ridden cities.

My question to our self-righteous “leaders” in Washington, especially on the left: If I know about this spray shouldn’t they know about it also and if they do, why aren’t they using it?

Could the answer be they want these riots to continue to help their political agenda? It not, does it matter how many innocent police or civilians are killed or injured as long as they achieve their self-serving agenda. Are they rooting for chaos?

America is the greatest country in the world and I pray we will be able to overcome this manipulative deception and hypocrisy! Remember that today’s far left version of common sense is meant to deceive!

Charles S. Togias author Political Correctness Is Total BS