Written before Waukesha: Regime foot soldiers rail against ‘whiteness’ as Rittenhouse is acquitted

Special to WorldTribune.com, November 24, 2021

Corporate WATCH

Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

The following information was compiled after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict came down Nov. 19 and before the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas parade slaughter on Nov. 21.

This was to be the theme of this week’s Corporate Watch:

Rittenhouse verdict protest in New York. / AP photo

“What we learned in the immediate wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict: Hating whites is now officially acceptable in academic, political and other progressive establishment circles.”

The Waukesha massacre that soon followed highlights the grim fact that this demonization of an entire group of people by those seeking to overthrow the traditional demographic makeup of this nation in the name of a new Woke America can be horrifically deadly.

Here is a brief summation of racial hatred of white people in America today.

Presumption of innocence is a vile form of whiteness, a law professor at Wayne State declared:

From Beydoun’s Wayne State bio: Wasn’t CRT supposed to be just a made-up thing?

Beydoun’s research investigates modern modes of policing and their impact on Arab and Muslim communities. A Critical Race theorist, he is specifically interested in the War on Terror’s impact on the First Amendment liberties of these and other disproportionately affected groups in the United States. His work has been published in top law journals, including the University of California Law Review, the Northwestern Law Review, the UCLA Law Review, the Minnesota Law Review, the Harvard Civil Liberties-Civil Rights Law Review and more.

This radical is a big-box media darling and has ties to progressive billionaire George Soros as well, of course:

His insights have been published in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, The Guardian, the BBC and more. In addition to his public commentary, Beydoun is an established advocate, earning the coveted Racial Equality Fellowship from the Open Society Foundation and serving on the Michigan Advisory Committee of the United States Commission for Civil Rights.

Gabby Giffords’ anti-gun organization: Wielded whiteness is a lethal weapon:

Arizona Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly is the husband of Giffords.

The Giffords group has been funded by the Joyce Foundation, which in turn has been funded by George Soros. Ex-Obama administration official and former Soros employee Cecilia Munoz is on the Board at Joyce:

Muñoz served for eight years on President Obama’s senior staff, first as director of Intergovernmental Affairs and then as director of the Domestic Policy Council. Before that, she spent 20 years at the National Council of La Raza (now UnidosUS), the nation’s largest Hispanic policy and advocacy organization….

She advises the Open Society and JPB Foundations, serves as a trustee of the Kresge and MacArthur Foundations, and sits on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

Former Ohio state senator and 2021 U.S. House candidate: Whiteness must be dismantled in America:

And here is another collegiate Critical Race Theorist – that body of teaching that supposedly doesn’t exist:

Lindo’s ridiculous and overly wordy bio at The University of Washington Department of Family Medicine:

His teaching responsibilities there included several courses such as Race & Law: explores race and racism within systems of law and other societal institutions and examines the often-omitted topics of race, social inequities and oppression; topics necessary to achieve a full understanding of systemic and institutional power and Latino/a Critical Race Theory: focuses on understanding intellectual and theoretical frameworks of Latino/a critical race and law within the larger jurisprudential and political systems.

A Stanford professor chimed in as well, assigning universal guilt to white people in general:

Hudley’s Stanford bio shows she receives funding from the federal government and the radical Ford Foundation:

Her significant contributions to the field have been recognized with a Public Engagement Award from the Society for Linguistic Anthropology; an award from the Linguistic Society of America; and funding from NIH, NSF, the Mellon Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, among others.

A Wisconsin state representative name-supports a convicted child rapist while slurring white people:

Hey, how about another CRT professor? But, wait, CRT doesn’t exist:

From Baber’s Loyola University (Chicago) bio:

His research foci include leadership within community college contexts; experiences of minoritized students in post-secondary STEM education; and use of critical theory to inform higher education policies and practices.

This New York City teacher is filled with hate:

According to his LinkedIN page, Payton is Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Eagle Academy for Young Men II.

About the school:

Traditional school settings across the country are failing to meet the needs of the urban Black and Latino young men…

The Eagle Academy movement was created in 2004 to address this current epidemic. Conceived by the One Hundred Black Men, Inc., the Eagle Academy for Young Men is a symbol of positive change and hope for young men of color in our communities.

Imagine an all-white school like this.

Corporate sponsors of One Hundred Black Men include:

Bloomberg Philanthropies
CBS News
Charter Communications
JPMorgan Chase
News Corp
New York Yankees
New York Life
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines

In 2016, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke at a fundraiser for Eagle Academy. The school channels the roiling racial animus of South Africa as part of its daily routine:

Hillary Clinton beamed as students of the Eagle Academy recited, as they do every day in school, the poem “Invictus.”

Nelson Mandela famously recited the poem while imprisoned in South Africa, finding inspiration in its message of confronting and overcoming adversity.

Clinton said that message is relevant to students at Eagle Academy, a school she is said to have long championed.

“I want to see Eagle Academies spread across America,” the Democratic presidential candidate said Friday.

Here are two Eagle Academy students expressing their intense racial anger in a 2020 piece for The New York Daily News:

We are young black men, 17 and 20 years of age, and we refuse to accept the continuation of the police brutality and systemic racism which have oppressed people of color for centuries….

We are often asked to conceal the emotional toll of the atrocities committed against people like us that we see on social media. We act out a facade of unwavering strength to ensure that we are not seen as vulnerable. To have a space where our cries are heard is cathartic and deeply affirming, since too often we cannot let our guards down….

We see ourselves depicted in the media as brutes: aggressive, antagonistic, ignorant and uneducated. The black male presence is deemed threatening, and for racists, whiteness is all too easily weaponized in defense….

Regardless of how fatigued we may be, we must accept the weight of today’s burden of responsibility and fight harder for a better tomorrow. Systems that benefit from institutional racism will fight against us at every turn. The road ahead is not easy.

This is not going to end well.

But consequences be damned. There is woke preening to be done. Here is a “Postdoctoral Fellow” at Northwestern University’s Dice Lab wholeheartedly agreeing with Payton’s venomous statement against white people:

Moffitt’s Dice Lab bio:

Ursula’s work is primarily qualitative and situated within a social justice framework…. Her [taxpayer-funded] National Science Foundation project bridges research on political activism, critical consciousness, and identity development, using a mixed-methods design to gather real-time, contextualized data on these crucial issues among young adults.

About the Dice Lab:

The Development of Identities and Cultural Environments (DICE) lab conducts research on the development of identities and intersectionality among children and adolescents in diverse cultural environments. Our various projects explore research-related questions such as:

“How do children understand what it means to be White, to be a boy, to be a Black girl? How do adolescents make sense of racial and gender stereotypes, and can we help them to resist or challenge these stereotypes? What are the consequences of youth identities for their psychosocial outcomes and academic pathways?”

Poisoning young minds with racial baggage appears to be Moffitt’s specialty. She doesn’t stop there. In 2020, she wrote an opinion piece for German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle that castigated Germans for thinking of themselves as a white ethnic group.

She spews this garbage here in America, too. This is the woman who got a federal grant:

All these vile slurs against “whiteness” were made by all these mediocre regime foot soldiers after the Rittenhouse verdict and before the carnage in Waukesha.

They will never be called to account for their words of hate. Words that may very well have directly led to this. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Nov. 23:

Jackson Sparks, an 8-year-old boy who was marching in the Waukesha Christmas Parade with his baseball team, has died from his injuries…. Jackson and his 12-year-old brother, Tucker, were struck by the SUV during the parade and were hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Children’s Wisconsin. Jackson is the first child to die from his injuries in the incident. Five adults were also killed. More than 48 people were injured, authorities have said.

The murderously ugly racial campaign against white people in America must end. But it will not. It is far too valuable a tool for our ruling establishment, which thrives on dividing the people it plunders, ever to discard.

Joe Schaeffer is the former Managing Editor of The Washington Times National Weekly Edition. His columns appear at WorldTribune.com and FreePressInternational.org.

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