Wrestler loses gold over pro-USA gaffe: ‘I got excited and lost my head’


Olympic wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock was stripped of her gold medal Thursday after several of the athlete’s pro-USA comments were circulated online. A spokesman for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) said there’s no place for that type of vulgar language in sports today. …

Ms. Mensah-Stock was already on probation with the USOC for failing to kneel during the national anthem. “Since her pro-USA comments were her second offense in as many days, we had no choice but to strip her of her gold medal,” the spokesman said.

Mensah-Stock’s controversial comments came in an interview immediately following her gold medal performance. “I love representing the US,” she squealed. “I freaking love living there. I love it and I’m so happy I get to represent the USA!”

For her part, Mensah-Stock says she was caught up in the moment and didn’t realize what she was saying. “I got excited and lost my head for a minute,” she said in a prepared apology as a laser dot danced around on her forehead. “As a black woman and a role model, the last thing I ever wanted to do was give the impression that I’m proud to be an American.”


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