With its ‘Taylor Strategy’ Team Biden longs for a much-needed rock star vibe

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 29, 2024

By dismissing Hillary Clinton as being more “low-energy” than Jeb Bush, Donald Trump in 2016 struck some as being mean. He won.

Eight years later, Democrats still have an energy crisis of the non fossil-fuel kind: How to compete with the rock star phenomena that is Trump?

The New York Times is reporting that Joe Biden’s campaign is working on a “Taylor Strategy” which could include having Old Joe appear at the Taylor Swift tour this fall just before the election.

Is a Joe Biden-Taylor Swift duet in the works?

How enthused the pop star’s fans, or Swifties, will be seeing an 81-year-old Swamp creature shuffle on and eventually off stage is another story.

Campaign events are however less important than than the injection of some semblance of charisma or excitement into an administration whose primary appeal is negativity towards Biden’s predecessor.

In leftist political lore, therefor, a Biden-Swift duet would be a major score. Almost as major as a Biden-Swift-Corn Pop trio.

Landing an endorsement from Swift, the first pop star to ever be named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, is the “endorsement of the [Biden campaign’s] wildest dreams,” the Times reports, noting applicants to a social media role for the campaign were advised not to describe their “Taylor Swift strategy,” given how many suggestions there have already been within the campaign about how to garner her support.

However many Swifties do register and then actually vote is an unknown quantity. But Biden’s team is desperate for any quantity these days. In the most recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, he trails former President Donald Trump by 5 points (43-38).

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shook off a question Monday about a potential Biden-Swift duet to boost the Democrat’s 2024 campaign.

“Let me first say, I’ve got to be really mindful — I’m a federal employee,” Jean-Pierre laughingly told CNN’s John Berman in response to rumors Biden could be propped up past his bedtime to make an appearance at one of Swift’s upcoming “Eras Tour” dates.

“As you know, there’s something called the Hatch Act, so I certainly can not speak to anything that is related to 2024 in the upcoming election,” Jean-Pierre added while not denying the rumors.

“Obviously, there are a lot of, in my shop, in the press office shop, there are a lot of Swifties, if you will, fans of Taylor Swift,” she went on. “I’m just going to leave it there. I’m not going to get into the president’s schedule at all from here, as it relates to the 2024 elections.”

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