Who is Rudolph William Louis Giuliani?

Special to WorldTribune.com

By Bill Juneau

As of today, it has been more than three weeks since the Nov. 3 election.  Is it over?  Is Joe Biden America’s 46th president?  In 2000, the controversy over the election consumed 37 days and concluded with a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. President Trump and his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, aver that the challenge continues and there will be no concession.

Evidence of fraudulent voting  needs to be closely scrutinized by the courts, and full results on the table will show that Americans have reelected Donald Trump, Giuliani said.

Rudy Giuliani in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Nov. 25.

The media may have pronounced Joe Biden as “President-elect,” but fortunately, said Giuliani, the news rooms do not select the next President.  That determination will be made by the voters.

In a recent news conference, Giuliani called attention to a plethora of fraudulent voting evidence  extending from dead and unregistered persons casting ballots, to thousands of ballots marked for Trump found in boxes and garbage cans.  There are mounting questions as to the legitimacy of ballots arriving late at the precincts, and whether state courts violated laws, maybe even the constitution, in extending voting times in contradiction to existing state laws. Also, said Giuliani, “we have hundreds of affidavits from election workers attesting to dishonesty in the polling places.”

In key states, regulations mandating plain view counting procedures for all poll watchers was denied for Republicans.  Questions concerning the matching of signatures are an all encompassing and long standing concern.

A former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, acting independently of the formal Trump legal team, has said that she has found evidence of the use of an algorithm employed as a means of flipping Trump votes to Biden. This software tool was used to shift millions of votes away from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates.  “We are preparing our lawsuit and it will be filed soon.  It will be epic,” she said. [She filed lawsuits in Georgian and Michigan on Nov. 25.]

Powell has said also that some 490,000 ballots have been found in five key states which remarkably contain only a vote for Biden–the ballot is otherwise clean. The fact that this  occurred challenges credulity, she noted. If Powell’s findings hold up, it would not bode well for the Biden candidacy.  In fact, if true and provable, it could be “game over” for Biden.

Democrats and the main street media, an arm of their political party, continue to mock Giuliani and Powell and their declarations that the balloting was rife with fraud. Giuliani is called nutty, and soft and un-American with claims that he and the President are simply dreaming. The  media acts as though they know for certain that Joe Biden was elected as the nation’s 46th president, and have only insulting comments for Giuliani, once known nationally,  and even  internationally, as “America’s Mayor.”

I have never met Rudy Giuliani, but the past tells me that he is no fool and knows what he is doing.  I have only read about him and nowadays I hear his name almost daily as he functions as the lead attorney for President Trump’s legal team challenging the process and determinations. But for sure, Giuliani is a battle-tested and tough minded warrior, and has always come down on the side of law and order, despite the odds.

Giuliani has said that the election was a “massive fraud” and that the office of President is being stolen from Donald Trump and from the 74 million Americans who voted for him.  “We’ll prove it in court,” Giuliani has said

So who is Rudy Giuliani?

Rudolph William Louis Giuliani, 76, is a former two-term mayor of New York, the nation’s largest city with eight million-plus residents.  At one time, Mayor Rudy was respected by the media and revered by citizens in that city and throughout much of the country as he brought safety to New York’s crime-ridden streets. It was also Giuliani who, as a U.S. Attorney for six years from the southern district of the state,  presided over a decimation of mob influence in the Big Apple, and New Yorkers loved him and looked to him as an urban savior and millions wanted him as the nation’s next President.

We do not know what the courts will do with this election and the evidence of an alleged huge fraud, the likes of which America has never seen. Nor has America ever seen an election where so many mail-in ballots were used, thanks to the pandemic.   For months the President had warned against the use of mail-in ballots that were sent out recklessly and provided no real control on who would vote and no system of guaranteeing the legitimacy of the vote.

The election follows the four year term of  President Trump during which he was torpedoed on an almost daily basis for alleged wrong doing. There was the Russian “collusion” investigation, and that was pure fabrication. After “collusion” came the Ukraine impeachment which was nonsense arranged by a completely partisan House of Representatives and applauded by lying journalists.

As if such coordinated attacks by his enemies were not enough, most of the high points of his administration — a bustling economy, low unemployment, the winding down of Mideast wars and improved trade relations — were shattered by a brutal foreign-born pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and thrown thousands out of work and shuttered schools. Even though the rest of the world has suffered a similar fate, Trump gets  the blame here for not making it disappear.

President Trump insists the unfair treatment he has received from election officials is just one more attack mounted by Democrats and the media.

He swears he will never concede and that the election will end up in the hands of the Supreme Court. He is also hinting that if the worst happens and he is driven out of office unfairly, he will be back in 2024.

Bill Juneau worked for 25 years as a reporter and night city editor at the Chicago Tribune. Subsequently he became a partner in a law firm and also served as a village prosecutor and as a consultant to the Cook County Circuit Court and to the Cook County Medical Examiner. He is currently writing columns and the ‘Florida Bill‘ blog.