Who is Ghislaine Maxwell? The real trial begins

by WorldTribune Staff, November 23, 2021

Juror selection is under way in the high-profile New York City trial for the woman, Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged to have procured underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

But really on trial are a number of prominent elites determined to keep their roles and identities concealed.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Prominent in the trial, scheduled to begin on Nov. 29, will be Maxwell’s “little black book of secrets” and the large array of elites who could be in it, analysts say.

“No matter what happens with the juror selection, a massive truth bomb will be dropped over the coming months,” the Free Press Report noted. “Dark secrets that have been deliberately hidden from the public will be known. Associates of the Epstein and Maxwell duo will be revealed. The elite rulers of the world will shake from anxiety, praying their names are somehow forgotten in the web of the dark pedophilia net that has been cast upon the world.”

The “little black book of secrets” (a 97-page document) is said to contain a detailed log of all contacts Maxwell and Epstein kept during their travels around the world allegedly in search of underage girls. The book is rumored to include all of their elite contacts and the names of the alleged victims.

The Maxwell book is similar to Epstein’s “black book”, which was taken from Epstein’s Palm Beach “Pleasure Palace” mansion by former butler Alfredo Rodriguez who tried to sell it for $50,000 in 2009, the Daily Mail noted.

Gen. Michael Flynn noted in a Telegram post: “The interest, coverage, and weight and intensity of the prosecution, and outcome of this case will be very revealing for us as a society. While I expect a vigorous defense, I also expect children to be safe, secure and protected from evil and those creeps that exist in this world, especially here in these United States.”

Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts is expected to attend the trial and reportedly may give evidence. She has described Maxwell as “pure evil,” saying: “Epstein was a sick pedophile but Maxwell was the mastermind.”

Reports have cited another alleged victim as saying: “We thought she [Maxwell] was Mary Poppins because she acted like she was our friend and had that lovely English accent. But she turned out to be a monster in designer clothing. She lured us in. She knew exactly what she was doing. I hope she rots in hell.”

In an August 2019 exclusive, the Daily Mail reported that, in an effort to stay under the radar until Epstein’s arrest, the 57-year-old Maxwell had “stolen” 43-year-old shipping industry titan Scott Borgerson from his wife and two young children.

Maxwell was confirmed to be arrested on July 2, 2020 on a 156-acre compound located in Bradford, New Hampshire. The Maxwell compound has been described as “luxurious” valued at over $3 million. This “hideout” was confirmed to be owned through a web of real estate holdings by Borgerson.

Borgerson has denied all allegations of being romantically involved with Maxwell, claiming they are just “old friends.”

In a Nov. 22 analysis for the New York Post, Doree Lewak notes:

If you’re curious how former socialite Ghislaine Maxwell could find herself accused of being Jeffrey Epstein’s madame — allegedly instrumental in his extensive sex trafficking web — look no further than her daddy issues.

“She wanted to be like her father,” journalist Vicky Ward told The Post, referring to media tycoon Robert Maxwell. “It’s critical in understanding why a man like Jeffrey Epstein would have been so extraordinarily compelling to her.”

Ward’s new three-part docuseries, “Chasing Ghislaine,” on Discovery+, explores the eerie parallels between Maxwell’s blind allegiance to her “ruthless” father and her unflinching devotion to convicted pedophile Epstein.

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