White House edits transcript of Joe Biden claiming ‘we ended cancer’

by WorldTribune Staff, July 27, 2023

The White House edited a transcript of Joe Biden’s remarks on Tuesday after he claimed that his administration had “ended cancer.”

Speaking about his effort to find a cure for cancer, Biden said someone asked him “ ‘If you could do anything at all Joe, what would you do?’ ” Biden continued: “I said I’d cure cancer. And they looked at me like, why cancer? Because no one thinks we can. That’s why. We ended cancer as we know it.”

The White House transcript reads: “And they looked at me like, ‘Why cancer?’ Because no one thinks we can. That’s why. And we can. We can end cancer as we know it.”

The 80-year-old Biden made the remarks during an event at the White House to promote insurers expanding access to mental health coverage.

“We’re working to improve insurance coverage for mental health in America,” Biden said to a room full of mental health advocates. “And folks, you know, I don’t know what the difference between breaking your arm and having a mental breakdown is. It’s health – there’s no distinction.”

Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak noted: “Biden has long used the issue of cancer research to drum up political support and donations — not always to good effect. The Biden Cancer Initiative, which he launched after his two terms as vice president (and later shuttered), spent most of its money on staff salaries and little on research. Notably, Biden held a now-infamous meeting with Tony Bobulinksi to discuss a joint venture with a Chinese company, arranged by his son, Hunter Biden, while the former vice president was in L.A. for a conference to discuss the Biden Cancer Initiative.”

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