Where is the Saudi crown prince? Al Qaida warns over ‘sinful projects’

by WorldTribune Staff, June 3, 2018

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has warned Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for “corrupting” Saudi society with “sinful projects” including wrestling matches, re-opening movie theaters and allowing women to drive.

John Cena, right, competes with Triple H during the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble event in the Saudi coastal city of Jeddah. / AFP

“The new era of bin Salman replaced mosques with movie theaters,” the Yemen-based terrorist group said in its Madad news bulletin, according to the SITE Intelligence Group.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia last week moved to quash rumors that the crown prince, also known as MBS, was either injured or killed in an April gunfire incident near the royal palace in Riyadh.

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The crown prince “substituted books that belonged to the imams… with absurdities of the atheists and secularists from the east and the west and opened the door wide for corruption and moral degradation,” AQAP said.

AQAP held out particular contempt for the WWE Royal Rumble professional wrestling event which was held in April in the Saudi coastal city of Jeddah, near Islam’s most holy sites in Mecca.

“(Foreign) disbelieving wrestlers exposed their privates and on most of them was the sign of the cross, in front of a mixed gathering of young Muslim men and women,” AQAP said.

“The corruptors did not stop at that, for every night musical concerts are being announced, as well as movies and circus shows,” SITE quoted the terror group as saying.

A video released by the Saudis shows MBS greeting Yemeni President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi in Jeddah on May 30 to discuss the ongoing Yemen crisis, Al-Arabiya reported.

The crown prince had not been seen in public since his widely-publicized trip to the United States.

Iranian media had reported that MBS was shot, and perhaps killed, during a report of heavy gunfire at the palace after guards shot down a civilian drone.

Iran’s Kayhan newspaper claimed: “At least two bullets have hit bin Salman in April 21 clashes in Riyadh and it is even possible that he is dead.”

Saudi Arabia also tweeted a photograph showing the crown prince chairing a meeting with government officials last week.

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