Where are the Republicans? Limbaugh, Levin point out obvious: Trump, not GOP, was big winner

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, November 6, 2020

Independent media and analysts are pointing out what spineless inside-the-Beltway Republican honchos and their pals in the “Swamp” are downplaying under the guise of a “red wave”: President Donald Trump was the big winner on Election Day 2020 — not the GOP.

That became even more obvious as Republicans and certain risk-averse “right-leaning” media outlets started suggesting Trump should give up his fight and allow massive-level fraud to win the day.

Good luck to anyone in the Republican Party who think they can pull off THIS without President Donald Trump.

Radio and TV host Mark Levin also called out spineless Republicans and Never-Trumper media.

Kinzinger, the Illinois Republican, had tweeted that the president’s claims of fraud were “getting insane.” If Trump has “legit” concerns about fraud, they need to be based on evidence and taken to court, Kinzinger said, adding, “STOP Spreading debunked misinformation.”

Levin responded: “Is Adam Kinzinger a moron? THAT is exactly what the Trump campaign’s lawyers are doing! It is only day 3. Again, I am talking to real lawyers in the field, Kinzinger has not even attempted to talk to a single lawyer in the field. So stop making asinine comments to the media, genius, unless you actually have done some minimal inquiry. Although, I guess that’s why the media keep seeking comments from this guy. And have you noticed how the RINOs are starting to drop off and whine to the press? They dare not help those who are legitimately and legally trying to address some very grave concerns.”

Levin had earlier noted: “Attention media and Big Tech! ‘Decision desks’ don’t call elections under our Constitution! Stop trying to influence the outcome!”

As for Never-Trumpers in the media, Levin noted: “National Review shouldn’t claim no evidence of fraud without first talking to lawyers in the field, as I have. NR editorialists should get off their assets and check for themselves before penning sanctimonious BS. Facebook too. The Trump lawyers are gathering witnesses and affidavits as I write. And apparently there’s a very serious level of fraud in Philadelphia and other areas.”

It’s quite simple, if Trump decides he’s had enough of their bullshit, the Republican Party is OVER.

“There are some Republicans out there that are really slamming Trump for trying to cast doubt on the quality of the vote count,” radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his Wednesday broadcast.

“Adam Kinzinger from Illinois — I think he’s from Illinois — who’s a member of Congress that hates Trump, they had a falling out. I don’t know if he was ever really pro-Trump; I don’t remember. But he’s out there saying (paraphrasing), ‘You can’t go out, start trashing the process like it is. You’re gonna be patient. Just let ’em count the votes and you either win or you lose. Be patient.’

“And then Chris Christie’s out there on ABC last night, former governor of New Jersey, ‘You can’t be trashing a system like this.’ And all of these people have had a falling out with Trump at some point since 2016. And this is an opportunity for some of them to get payback.”

Limbaugh continued: “Folks, here’s what’s happening with these Republicans that are seemingly trying to sabotage Trump. Trump is fighting for the same people he has always been fighting for: You and me. He’s fighting for this country. He’s not fighting for himself. I mean, yeah, he is, but he’s fighting for us. So you’ve got these Republicans. I just shared with you this Adam Kitzinger — member of Congress, I think from Illinois — is basically telling Trump to shut up and stop complaining and be patient and let the votes get counted and then deal with it if you lose.

“You realize, folks, that there are a lot of RINOs — Republicans in Name Only — a lot of Never Trumper Republicans who are trying to position themselves for 2024.

“That’s gonna take precedence over trying to help Trump win this election. A lot of people in politics are out for themselves. It’s just the way it is, it is what it is, and while… This is what I meant earlier by describing us. You know, you and me, we play by the rules. We have a (sigh) — I don’t know — moral code that has been instilled in us that we try to follow.

“We do our best to uphold it, and we’ve got a guy working his tail off for us, and we just don’t understand his own party undermining him. Yet we do. I mean, intellectually, we do; emotionally, we don’t. I don’t understand why every Republican isn’t all-in on beating the Democrats. That’s what baffles me. Okay. If you cannot support Donald Trump winning, why the hell can’t you support the Democrats losing?

“Especially given who they are and what they intend? We have these seven blue states that are shut down, locked down. They’re being destroyed economically. Why in the world are there not Republicans that want those kinds of Democrats defeated? I understand they don’t like Trump. Not everybody’s universally liked and likable.

“I understand human nature. What I’ve never understood is a bunch of Republicans, particularly in this day and age, who don’t see any urgency in defeating what has become the new radical left that’s today’s Democrat Party. You know, this bunch of people that has never thought there’s a crisis out there.”

Some Republicans who Trump fought for are actually standing up for the president.

Gen. Michael Flynn tweeted: “Calling ALL Republican leaders, MUSTER your courage! Time is NOW to speak up & join w/ Patriots across America and back @realDonaldTrump our @POTUS #DefendElectionIntegrity of the most important election in U.S. history. #StopTheFraud”.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina Republican who no doubt owes Trump a big “thank you” for surviving a Democrat money machine onslaught in his re-election victory, is going all-in on backing Trump’s legal fight against big-city Democrats’ vote-count efforts.

In an interview Thursday evening on Fox News Channel, Graham told host Sean Hannity that he’d make a massive donation to Trump’s legal team to counter what he called “earth-shattering” accusations of ballot-count fraud.

“I’m gonna donate $500,000 tonight to President Trump’s defense legal fund. I’ve been on your show. You’ve raised a ton of money for me. Your audience was incredibly helpful to LindseyGraham.com. Give to DonaldJTrump.com so we’ll have the resources to fight,” Graham said.

The donation came at the end of a day during which Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump said they were disappointed in the amount of support for the president coming from establishment Republicans.

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