Washington Post dismisses concerns about Imran Awan and ‘massive’ amounts of DNC data on secret server

by WorldTribune Staff, September 28, 2017

Because the Democrat Washington Post is widely-read mainly in Democrat Washington, DC, it recently thought it should address issues raised by investigative reporters at the Daily Caller Foundation.

In its Sept. 17 article, “Intrigue far exceeds evidence in House IT probe”, the Post assured readers that indicted congressional IT aide Imran Awan was merely re-downloading his elementary-school aged kids’ homework assignments and family photos to a House of Representatives server.

Imran Awan, right, enters federal court for his arraignment on Sept. 1.

That’s all – nothing to see here – move along.

“…According to a senior congressional official familiar with the probe, criminal investigators have found no evidence that the IT workers had any connection to a foreign government,” the Post’s report said. “Investigators looking for clues about espionage instead found that the workers were using one congressional server as if it were their home computer, storing personal information such as children’s homework and family photos…”

But a congressional source with direct knowledge of the incident contradicted the Post’s account, telling The Daily Caller Foundation that Awan and his associates “were moving terabytes off-site so they could quote ‘work on the files’ ” and that they desperately tried to hide what was on the server when caught, providing police with what law enforcement immediately recognized as falsified evidence and an indication of criminal intent.

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Writing for the Daily Caller Foundation, Luke Rosiak noted that “A terabyte is a million megabytes …. Awan’s three children are in elementary school or younger. A book report in Word document format could clock in at under a megabyte, even if it were 100 pages long. To fill a terabyte with family photos, a person would need 250,000 photos.”

The Post also did not specify that data was being backed up online via unofficial Dropbox accounts as reported by alternative media including WorldTribune. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has acknowledged that the accounts were used for congressional data, and that she has used the service in violation of House rules “for years.”

The Awans were banned from the House network on Feb. 2.

The Post also “did not note the ‘massive’ outgoing data and unauthorized access until the 40th and 42nd paragraphs of its story, after it had quoted multiple defense attorneys and ventured into a lengthy and seemingly irrelevant but humanizing backstory on Awan’s childhood,” Rosiak wrote.

Rosiak noted that “There are indications that Awan is less than a doting family man, and that he would use his congressional position for ill.”

In the past three years, three women have called the police on Awan. One is his stepmother, Samina Gilani, who said she was kept “in captivity.” In court documents, she alleged: “Imran Awan threatened that he is very powerful and if I ever call the police [he] will do harm to me and my family members back in Pakistan and one of my cousins here in Baltimore … Imran Awan did admit to me that my phone is tapped and there are devices installed in my house to listen my all conversations … Imran Awan introduces himself as someone from U.S. Congress or someone from federal agencies.”

A second woman told police she felt “like a slave,” and a third said she “just wanted to leave.” The latter two were apparently in romantic relationships with Awan, who lived in small apartments in Alexandria, Va. that he paid for while he lived with his wife.

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