Was tragic Titanic sub distraction a conspiracy? We report, you decide

by WorldTribune Staff, June 25, 2023

From the timeline of the Titan submersible disaster, it was clearly a distraction, many observers are saying.

After eight years of get Trump and the mass vaccine operation, many are not surprised that Team Biden waited nearly a week before releasing the news that they were aware the Titan had imploded. The submersible was on a voyage to view the remains of the Titanic and, reports say, some are even reviving questions of why and how the Titanic itself sunk.

“Some are now claiming that the Titanic was sunk in 1912 in a plot to kill those who objected to the establishment of a Federal Reserve by the financial dynasties in favor of it who had orchestrated a fresh tragedy to deter investigation of the wreck,” Newsweek’s Aleks Phillips wrote on Friday.

Peters cited a question put by conservative commentator Stew Peters: “What if this is all a ploy to keep people from visiting the Titanic wreckage? If that’s the goal, why? Maybe because if people explore the Titanic too much, they would discover that it wasn’t an iceberg that sank the Titanic.”

Zach Vorhies, a former Google engineer who published an “expose” on the company in 2021, told Peters: “The thing about this submarine which is really weird is that it was actually funded by the Rothschild dynasty. And what’s also really interesting is there is a new treaty that’s getting implemented that makes it so that citizens… can’t go visit there without a permit.”

Vorhies continued: “I believe if people go down there, what they’re going to find is that there isn’t an implosion in the hull due to an iceberg. What they’re going to find is an outward buckling of the hull because explosives were placed on the Titanic to blow it out.”

The New York Times reported in 1997 that, rather than find one big gash in the Titanic’s hull, researchers followed by a documentary crew discovered that the wreck had six thin openings in the hull. At an inquiry into the sinking in 1912, one of the architects at the company that produced the ship predicted such a scenario.

Vorhies said that four industrialists opposed to the creation of the Federal Reserve had been on the Titanic and perished when it went down, describing the sinking as a “piece of sabotage” to “trojan horse” the creation of the central bank. He speculated that those behind the conspiracy were “the current stockholders of the Federal Reserve” and claimed the submersible tragedy “will be used as leverage to make the Titanic off limits by visitation.”

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard knew the Titan was lost within hours of it losing contact. Regardless, a “search and rescue” operation was launched, and lasted through Thursday.

Libby Emmons of Human Events compiled to following timeline:


The OceanGate submersible, carrying Shahaza Dawood, his son Suleman, Hamish Harding, Paul-Henri Norgeolet, and Stockton Rush, descended to the depths of the Titanic, about 435 miles off the southern coast of Newfoundland. The sub carried a four-day emergency oxygen supply.

On Sunday, shortly after the craft lost contact, the U.S. Navy detected an explosion. They have deep sea listening equipment that they use to track enemy subs and crafts, and it was with this system that they heard what they believed was the destruction of the craft.

The Navy gave this information to the U.S. Coast Guard, conducting operations out of Boston. The information was not revealed to the public.


“We anticipate there is somewhere between 70 and the full 96 hours available at this point,” Rear Admiral John Mauger of the Coast Guard told media at a press conference, per the BBC.

Mauger said the Coast Guard was making use of two aircraft, a submarine and sonar buoys to search for the missing submersible. The remote area, he said, was making the search difficult.

The Coast Guard knew by then that the craft was lost for good, but told press that they were hoping everyone came “home safe.”


Rolling Stone broke the story that “banging” was detected by a Canadian aircraft in “30-minute intervals coming from the area where the divers disappaeared.” This per an “internal email” obtained by Rolling Stone, sent by Biden’s Department of Homeland Security. Biden’s DHS leaked to Rolling Stone.

“RCC Halifax launched a P8, Poseidon, which has underwater detection capabilities from the air,” the DHS e-mails read, per Rolling Stone. “The P8 deployed sonobuoys, which reported a contact in a position close to the distress position. The P8 heard banging sounds in the area every 30 minutes. Four hours later, additional sonar was deployed and banging was still heard.”

The Navy was working to recover the craft, Rolling Stone said, and a ROV, or remote operated vehicle, would be deployed as well “to reach” the divers.

CNN covered the same internal email, saying that it indicated “continued hope of survivors.” They reported that “It’s a race against time as the U.S. Coast Guard said the vessel had ‘about 40 hours of breathable air left’ during an update at 1 p.m. ET Tuesday.”

The Biden administration and the Coast Guard continued to give press the impression that a rescue was possible, despite having learned from the Navy that there had been an explosion. The coordinates for that explosion, given by the Navy to the Coast Guard, were what guided the Coast Guard’s search.


TikTok was awash with videos, animations and speculation about what happened to the sub, and the likelihood of survival. One TikToker posted an animation of “what happens when a submarine implodes underwater.” Another shared an animation of what the “instant collapse of pressure” would do to the vessel.

Adventurers who had been aboard the Titan began to speak out about their past experiences, with one German explorer stating that “it was a suicide mission” for the crew to attempt to descend to view the Titanic wreck.

The news that Hunter Biden pled guilty to misdemeanor tax crimes in a sweetheart deal with the US Attorney in Delaware, and would likely have gun charges dismissed pending conditions, was swallowed up by continued coverage of the search and rescue operation.

Also buried by the Titan saga was the testimony of John Durham before the US House, in which he revealed that FBI heads knew that Hillary Clinton was behind the Russia collusion hoax of the 2016 election, but had not given that information to the agents working the case.

The Biden White House has a long history of using TikTokers and social media influencers to get their message out for everything from pushing vaccines during the Covid pandemic to how they want the war in Ukraine discussed. In 2022, White House press secretary Jen Psaki pushed disinformation on influencers, telling them that it was fact Russia that “hacked” the 2016 election.


The Coast Guard discovered the debris field of the Titan, nearly 1600 feet from the Titanic. It was found by the remote operated vehicle. The Coast Guard then told press that the submersible had “imploded” shortly after losing contact on Sunday.

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