Voting analyst: NC’s election data uploaded to Amazon servers in Frankfurt, Germany

by WorldTribune Staff, July 2, 2021

After all counties sent their 2020 election results to the North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE), the board uploaded the results to “the cloud” on Amazon Web Servers which are located in Frankfurt, Germany, an election analyst noted.

Having the results parked on the cloud would give hackers one big target as opposed to breaching thousands of voting machines, said David W. Goetze, a contributor.  A Major (Ret) in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps., he is an international business development consultant who has been analyzing election results in North Carolina in recent years.

He added that similar reviews are ongoing “in AZ, GA, MI, MN, PA & WI [by analysts] directly involved in the ongoing audits and litigation.”

“Anyone sophisticated enough to hack into a system would not waste time trying to establish Internet connections with hundreds of thousands of individual machines across the country to manipulate an outcome when they can hack into one server and do it all there,” Goetze noted in a recent forum post.

Goetze added: “Let me see if I can make something even more clear about hacking of election data. Our ballot scanners do not need modems in them for our data to be ‘hacked.’ The brand and model of the machines is irrelevant. That isn’t where any hacking is taking place.”

Goetze continued: “But let’s not confuse that issue with software designed to shift votes within those machines. That is an entirely separate issue that is also being investigated.”

In an exchange with respondents, Goetze noted: “They began cloud storage in Feb of 2017, as I was told in my Sept 2017 meeting with the NCSBE [North Carolina State Board of Elections]. It was to centralize election data reporting for the whole country so that the media can get near instantaneous results for their election night reporting.”

Goetze asked why the cloud wasn’t located in the United States.

“Amazon has servers located all over the globe. This one (#3) just happens to be in Frankfurt. I would think with our budget surplus, NC could afford its own server located right there in Raleigh with its own cyber-security protocols,” he said.

North Carolina’s election methods were changed in 2016 when Democrats “took control of the four Council of State positions that control our elections and the investigation of any election fraud: governor, attorney general, state auditor and secretary of state.”

The same held true in 2020.

As Goetze pointed out in a Jan. 15 report for, “Trump won NC. Republican Sen. Thom Tillis won re-election to his seat in Congress. Every Republican incumbent member of the U.S. House won their seats for another term. Every statewide judicial race was won by a Republican. It was a red wave of epic proportions — except for the four Council of State seats that just happen to have a statutory or constitutional role to play in the conduct of elections in NC or the investigation of any election fraud: Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor and Secretary of State.”

In the new forum post, Goetze added: “And the Democrats are counting on there being enough voter apathy to keep others away from the polls so they will win in a landslide in 2022 and 2024.”

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