Voice from the American Gulag: ‘This is how they treat our veterans’

by WorldTribune Staff, November 12, 2021

The following is a Telegram post from ThePrisonersRecord:

“To each and every single one of you who have reached out in support, prayer and donation: thank you from the bottom of the hearts of ALL of the January 6th defendants, and certainly from Lonnie. [Lonnie Coffman is an Army veteran, age 70, who is facing 17 federal charges related to the events of Jan. 6.]

“I have not been able to speak with Lonnie this morning because of the terrible unfolding of events inside of the D.C. jail which are ongoing as we speak. One of the men was maced in the face while holding his legal paperwork and being completely non-violent. The Lieutenant chased him around the pod spraying the can until the can was completely emptied.

“The men were locked down into their cells and now two of the men, including Lonnie, are having SERIOUS respiratory issues. The other man, who is also a veteran, is laying on the ground in the pod not moving. This type of retaliation (after a news story, a visit, or any positive news for these men) is not new.

“However, with you all paying attention it is IMPERATIVE you know. THIS is how they treat our Veterans! THIS is how they treat the PRESUMED INNOCENT! PLEASE SHARE AND PLEASE SUPPORT THESE MALIGNED PATRIOTS! JUSTICE BE DONE! GOD BLESS YOU, EACH AND EVERY ONE!”

Meanwhile, Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday and revealed how Jan. 6 detainees were allegedly pepper-sprayed and abused by prison officials. The incident was over face masks worn at the prison.

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