Upbeat Carlson video ignores post-firing attacks by regime media, Pentagon, Murdoch, Inc.

by WorldTribune Staff, April 27, 2023

In a two-minute video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson hailed the alternative U.S. media filling the void left by his canceled Fox New show which for many had been the only Big Media slot worth watching.

“Where can you still find Americans saying true things? There aren’t many places left but there are some and that’s enough. As long as you can hear the words, there is hope. See you soon.”

Speaking publicly for the first time since his departure from Fox News, Carlson said what he noticed “when you step away from the noise for a few days,” is how nice some people are.

“The other thing you notice when you take a little time off is how unbelievably stupid most of the debates you see on television are,” he added. “They’re completely irrelevant. They mean nothing. In five years we won’t even remember we heard them. Trust me, as somebody who participated.”

In the video, Carlson did not address his firing or its celebration by Murdoch Inc. (including the Wall Street Journal), the Corporate Media and anonymous Pentagon officials.

“Tucker Carlson was an anomaly on Fox News because he regularly pushed the envelope on taboo topics addressed only by alternative media like WorldTribune.com and other privately-owned independent media that had already been silenced by Big Media, said Free Press Foundation President Robert Morton.

Sky News Australia, owned by Fox sister company News Corp, claimed it was Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, who alone made the decision to fire Carlson.

“The message is now out,” Sky News anchor Andrew Bolt said during his Tuesday broadcast. “If you threaten your station or your newspaper by going a bit nuts, you know, saying all sorts of wild things that maybe you know are false or maybe you haven’t even bothered to check enough, it doesn’t matter how big you are, you are never bigger than the media organization that actually made you.”

Bolt continued: “Fox News is part of the Murdoch media Empire that includes Sky News. Tucker was actually sacked, and some outlets have reported just before I went to air, he was sacked by Lachlan Murdoch, the day-to-day boss of News Corp.”

Bolt said his “suspicion” is that it was Carlson’s monologue on Friday night that led Lachlan Murdoch to fire him.

In the monologue, Carlson painted Ukraine as “hopelessly corrupt and the Biden team as liars for supporting it,” Bolt said. He added that Lachlan Murdoch and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky “have had a warm conversation.”

Politico reported on Tuesday that “at the upper levels of the Defense Department, news of Carlson’s firing from Fox News on Monday was met with delight and outright glee in some corners.”

Meanwhile, lawyers for Abby Grossberg confirmed to The Spectator that the former Fox News producer never actually met Tucker Carlson in person while working on his show.

“Like many on the [Tucker Carlson Tonight] staff, Abby never met Tucker Carlson in person because he taped the show from his personal studios in Maine and Florida, and he did not visit Fox’s NY HQ during her time there,” Kimberly A. Catala, one of the attorneys representing Grossberg, said.

Grossberg has filed a lawsuit which accuses Carlson of “aiding and abetting” the “toxic work environment” she allegedly encountered at Fox News.

The lawyers’ statement confirms a recent report from a former Fox News employee and complicates the story about Carlson, Grossberg and the workplace environment on the show he hosted — as well as the lawsuit’s alleged connection to Carlson’s firing on Monday.

“This lady had one purpose and one purpose only when she applied for a job at Fox News,” posted Lauren Witzke on Telegram. “Take down Tucker.”

Grossberg, who was the head of booking for the show from July 2022 until she was placed on administrative leave in March of this year, alleges she was subjected to bullying, antisemitic comments, and sexism by staff while working out of Fox’s Manhattan office.

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