Unreported: New Hampshire Senate candidate Bolduc attacked moments before debate

by WorldTribune Staff, November 4, 2022

While reporting daily on the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, and blaming Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, Big Media have been silent on the physical attack on New Hampshire Republican U.S. Senate candidate Don Bolduc.

GOP candidate Don Bolduc and Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan

The New York Times, Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times, which have been all over the Pelosi story, all failed to report on the attack on Bolduc that occurred moments before Wednesday’s debate with incumbent Democrat Sen. Maggie Hassan.

On Wednesday, police arrested 37-year-old Joseph Hart of Greenville, Rhode Island for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after he took a swing at Bolduc.

“Thank goodness police were there. They responded very quickly, along with supporters,” Bolduc said. “It was a small graze. And I just broke contact. Police were handling it. And I turned around and I started reengaging with my supporters and spent five [or] ten more minutes with supporters.”

The WMUR ABC debate moderators failed to mention the attack before or during the debate between Bolduc and Hassan. They did, however, faithfully follow the Left’s narrative and asked Bolduc and Hassan about the “rise in violence against politicians,” referencing Jan. 6 and attack against Paul Pelosi.

“The media’s decision to not report on the act of political violence against a Republican is notable. Attacks against Republicans run counter to the media’s narrative of violence singly perpetrated by Republicans,” Breitbart’s Wendell Husebø noted.

Bolduc, a retired Army brigadier general, has been surging the polls in the New Hampshire race.

Bolduc holds a 1 point advantage over Hassan, 48 to 47 percent, according to the most recent Saint Anselm College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics poll. The institute’s September poll showed Bolduc trailing Hassan by 6 points.

Meanwhile, NBC news quickly removed a video report on the Paul Pelosi attack in which police said Pelosi answered the door and never let on to responding officers that he was in distress just seconds before he walked back into his house where David DePape allegedly bludgeoned him with a hammer.

Pelosi instead smiled at the officers who had responded to the high priority 911 call at his San Francisco home last week, according to court documents, and told them “everything’s good.”

Breitbart’s John Nolte noted: “Just like everything else that appears to go against the media’s ludicrous lie about Mr. Pelosi being the victim of a crazed Trump supporter (who lives in a hippie commune plastered with gay flags and Black Lives Matter banners), rest assure this report will soon be retracted” (and it soon was).

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