Unreported: Disastrous USPS service after election brings mounting late payment charges

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 24, 2021

Getting Joe Biden elected president may have been a bridge too far for the U.S. Postal Service.

Late payment charges for bills paid by mail are piling up for many Americans, according to first hand reports that have not made the news in the U.S. corporate media.

The priority given to millions upon millions of mail-in ballots over days and weeks before and after the Nov. 3, 2020 election seemed to place much of the routine mail sorting on hold, social media users are saying.

A former Washington editor asked on social media: “Just curious: Has anybody else been having terrible delivery problems with the U.S. Postal Service this holiday season?”

He continued: “”I’ve had several bill payments arrive three or more weeks after I mailed them. I received a bill from a major insurer two weeks after it was due.”

Another former Washington editor also asked for feedback. He posted: “Friends, I have heard anecdotally about disastrous USPS service since November and have experienced it myself with late payment charges, etc.

States that accepted ballots after Nov. 3, 2020. / NBC graphic

When I try all search engines for news reports on this phenomenon, nothing comes up.”

In a subsequent post a journalist noted: “The U.S. Postal Service continues to commit economic suicide, forcing many Americans like me to put more of my bill payments on online autopay. The late fees are starting to pile up in our household for bill payments that still haven’t arrived after being mailed as long as three weeks ago. My mortgage payment was sent Dec. 28 from Washington, D.C., and still hasn’t arrived in Charlotte, NC, 18 days later. But I guess if you’re a unionized, quasi-governmental organization, customer service is at the bottom of the list.”

The post continued: “…I was notified by my insurance company that a bill is due Wednesday which I normally receive in the mail at least three weeks before due date. I have yet to receive the bill. I wonder how much in late fees Americans are going to have to eat because of the USPS’s abysmal performance.”

Responses to the above posts included:

“As for the USPS, not so much the fan since November 3rd.”

“Here at the house I get an e-mail telling me what is in the mailbox for that day. Had bills missing for weeks and days.”

“What have I done. I don’t use USPS to mail in payments. I drop them off in person. Sometimes I pay other ways. We here are about a month behind. Mainly due to mail in ballots. I was told they took priority over everything.”

“I had to call a credit card company and ask them to waive a late charge, as my bill arrived on the day it was due. The lady happily waived the late fee and said she had been getting many calls like this, due to postal delays.”

“All our holiday cards and gifts were unusually late. A friend sent me a Christmas gift from New Jersey by priority mail on December 8, with a December 11 promised delivery date: It arrived January 3.”

“I just received two Christmas cards today, January 23rd, that were mailed from NJ on December 22nd.”

“The backlog became insurmountable. Little by little staff is sorting and moving the mountains of mail now, unless many took time off after Holiday squeeze,” one social media post noted.

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