Unhinged: ‘Progressive’ Left can’t handle real progress under Trump

Special to WorldTribune.com, September 9, 2018

By John McNabb

Sen. John McCain was laid to rest at The United States Naval Academy on Sept. 2, after an exhaustive four days of ceremony and Trump bashing.

On the heels of that spectacle was four days of Senate hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh leading to his certain vote to take a seat on the Supreme Court.

Protester disrupts confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Sept. 4. / Jacquelyn Martin / AP

From every point of view, Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be an excellent high court addition. He is a Constitutional purist.

The histrionics from leftist thugs in the Senate gallery and the childish and awkward displays from certain Democratic Senators diminished what should have been America’s best on display to something much less.

The highlight, of course, was Judge Kavanaugh with his calm demeanor, his knowledge of the law and his love for America.

The screaming and ugly catcalls from leftist loonies prompted Mrs. Kavanaugh to escort their two young daughters from the Senate Chamber to shield them from the uncivil abuse and disrespect directed at their father. Incredible!

Photographs are circulating that show a woman being given cash who later was so disruptive in the Senate Chamber that she was removed by law enforcement. The man passing out cash was according to some reports affiliated with a George Soros-funded entity, apparently looking to disrupt our government.

We then were made to watch Senators Schumer, Harris, Durbin and Booker make fools of themselves by acting childishly, and in the process making a mockery of a solemn American process! It shows just how far the Left and its Democratic Party have fallen, with no apparent correction to it’s downward plunge in sight.

If the Left wants to be critical, they should look no farther than their own Chuck Schumer whose apparently clever machinations have failed to stop Judge Kavanaugh replacing Justice Kennedy by a simple majority vote in the Senate.

America is thriving once again, freed from the shackles of Obama’s destructive economic agenda, his continued apologies for America and his Executive Orders creating harmful trade, climate and inter-sovereign agreements. These Executive Orders side-stepped a rightfully elected Republican Congress.

Against that backdrop, it is amazing just how quickly our country is deteriorating from a civility perspective.

The more America and this Administration win, the louder the howling becomes from the Left. Never have I seen our First Amendment being attacked in such a fashion. And I have also never seen any political persuasion shout down free speech like we are seeing from the Obama/Soros “volunteers”, certainly some being paid to do the shouting and organized to silence and disrupt anybody with whom they disagree.

It is unprecedented in American history that a former president and elitist organizations would work to change America to their small minority conceits.  The Liberal Left, the Socialist Far Left, the Antifa Fascists, the Mainstream Media and the Social Justice Warriors only want “Their Speech” not Free Speech and they appear willing to do anything necessary to silence all who disagree.

Also, part of the elitist Left are the information/opinion monopolies — Facebook, Twitter and Google to name just three.

The last major monopoly to fall was AT&T (resulting in the “Baby Bells”) during the administration of President Ronald Reagan. Of course, the first “Trust Busting” occurred under another Republican President, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt of Rough Rider fame who utilized the Sherman Antitrust Act to break up monopolies such as Steel, Tobacco, Railroads, Oil and Sugar.

It is time to return Social Media to the American public where all civil content and opposing news and views are available instead of what is now the process of only allowing the liberal Left to commune and communicate. I am of the opinion that the Facebooks, Twitters and Googles should be transformed into utilities.

But why don’t progressives like progress?

The stock market is still soaring with new market highs occurring. One result? Benefits to the retirement accounts of hard working Americans improving their prospects. Unemployment is under 4 percent and at a 50-year low. Manufacturing job creation is growing at the fastest rate in 23 years. African American and Hispanic unemployment are at all-time lows and female unemployment is now at a 60-year low.

The economy survived President Obama’s job-killing regulatory agenda. President Trump’s finely-crafted economic agenda, which I helped shape during the presidential campaign, has restarted the mighty American economic engine, the finest on the planet, and all Americans are benefiting, not just a certain few.

The Tax Reform legislation has put more money back into American pockets and the Trump trade policy is clearly winning with the cancellation of the Trans Pacific Partnership and the renegotiation of NAFTA. The Obama Administration had the same opportunities but either did not have the interest or skill to make the needed changes.

Obama’s Paris Climate Accord was to significantly and negatively impact America and made no sense. Similarly, the Iran Nuclear Pact proved to be terribly costly with no obvious benefits as proposed.

Israeli intelligence revealed how Iran misled the West about its intentions. In announcing the theft of 110,000 Iranian files, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said: ““I can confirm with you, for you, that these documents are real, they are authentic. The documents show that Iran had a secret nuclear-weapons program for years while it was denying it was pursuing such weapons.”

Donald Trump has worked tirelessly on behalf of all Americans. We still need to secure our borders and stop the flow of killer drugs and people who don’t have the best interests of our country at heart. But the Left continues to push for a borderless America! And so much more has occurred under President Trump to make life better and safer for all Americans.

The Obama years featured the most lackluster (1.8 percent) annual growth of the American economy since Herbert Hoover’s economy in 1930. With that paltry record, Obama became the worst economic President in almost 90 years.

The Trump Administration inherited a meager 1.0 percent economic growth from Obama’s final year of 2016.

Trump’s Second Quarter economic growth came in at 4.2 percent and should show a 4.6 percent third quarter growth. I believe that President Trump’s first year in office will show a growth in our economy of around 3.8 percent. Quickly back from the worst.

Everyone and everything aligned with the Left is trying to take down a duly and legally elected President.

Why? I hear about his tweets and not seeming “Presidential”, whatever all of that means. I would instead look to Donald Trump’s successes on behalf of all Americans and our great country.

Next: Unhinged Part II: “Why Progressive’s don’t like Progress”.

John T. McNabb is vice chairman of the American Leadership Council, co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group.