Ultimatum to America: Joe Biden’s new ‘Rule’ lays down the law on vaccines

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, May 14, 2021

So much for “get your shot and have a donut.” Carrots alone only take social conditioners so far. Eventually, the Big Stick has to come out.

Joe Biden gave a hint of what may be just around the corner on May 13 with a tweet delivering an astonishingly blunt message to Americans regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

“After a year of hard work and so much sacrifice, the rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do,” the official @JoeBiden post stated.

The aggressive sentence comes from remarks delivered by Biden at the White House Rose Garden.

“It’s vax’ed or masked,” Biden went on to say immediately following his rules pronouncement.

“If you’re vaccinated, you can be around the vaccinated or unvaccinated people. But if you’re not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask for your own protection and the protection of other unvaccinated people. The choice is yours.”

The tone of Biden’s remarks was unmistakable. Even a friendly White House press corps picked up on it. “Mr. President, how do you [force] unvaccinated Americans to still use their masks?” Biden was asked at the conclusion of his speech.

“It’s not an enforcement thing. We’re not going to go out and arrest people,” he replied.

Nevertheless, the remarks make clear that Biden is attempting to open the door to using Americans’ weariness with mask-wearing as a way to coerce unwilling citizens into receiving a coronavirus inoculation. Tens of millions of Americans who do not believe in the vaccines for reasons of both safety and effectiveness also do not believe in the use of masks for the very same reasons.

The multi-faceted campaign of enticement to spur these reluctant citizens to get their jab has been surreal at times.

Depending on where they live, Americans have been offered a dizzying array of incentives to get vaccinated, varying from a shot and a beer or a free donut to a chance to go to the Super Bowl, cash payments for employees and tuition breaks for college students.

Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama is allowing people who receive their shot on May 15 to take two laps around the iconic racetrack. “At the drive-through event, COVID-19 testing and vaccination will be offered at no charge from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.,” WBMA-TV in Birmingham reports. “Drivers and their passengers will be able to take two laps behind a pace car at highway speed, including the 33-degree-high banks.”

In a jarring alignment for a supposed health endeavor, fast food goliath McDonald’s on May 11 announced it was teaming up with the Biden White House to push the vaccine message.

“McDonald’s is partnering with the Biden Administration to make access to information on vaccines even easier for the millions of customers who enjoy McDonald’s each day in the U.S.,” a corporate statement read.

Cups and other packaging will be utilized as part of the McPharma promotional effort:

The initiative will begin later this month with the debut of COVID-19 vaccine information from trusted third parties on McDonald’s billboard in Times Square. Starting in July, McDonald’s hot McCafé® cups and McDelivery® seal stickers will lead customers to vaccines.gov, where they can learn more about how they can protect themselves and the people they love from COVID-19, as well as where to find vaccine appointments near them. The new packaging and ads feature art from the national We Can Do This campaign, setting the campaign’s slogan against a map of the United States.

But if fun and free stuff won’t work on some citizens, then perhaps the threat of eternal masking will. Biden’s ominous tweet garnered numerous defiant responses.

“Rule!? This is America, where we celebrate Freedom of choice. I will not be threatened by an ever increasing tyrannical government. I’ll pass,” one reply read.

“Rule? You are not my boss!” another poster exclaimed.

But it is this reply that may foreshadow what comes next now that the Biden Rule has been set down:

“Good luck trying to enforce this, oh wait you cannot without vaccine passports.”

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