U.S. Space Force commander fired for publicly challenging Marxist policies that ‘will divide’

FPI / May 16, 2021

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The Biden Administration’s Space Force has relieved a commander for publicly warning that critical race theory would divide, not unite, the U.S. military.

“Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, Space Operations Command commander, relieved Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier of command of the 11th Space Warning Squadron, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, May 14, due to loss of trust and confidence in his ability to lead,” the Space Force said in a statement to the media over the weekend.

Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier. / Darren Scott / U.S. Air Force

Lohmeier’s Space Force unit is tasked with detecting ballistic missile launches. The officer was fired for comments that implied criticism of Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin and policies being implemented in all branches of the U.S. government by Team Biden.

He made the comments during a podcast promoting his new book, which warns Marxist ideologies are being adopted by the United States military.

Earlier this month, Lohmeier, a former instructor and fighter pilot, self-published the book titled “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” Military.com reported.

Lohmeier said he was not criticizing any senior military leader or U.S. forces in his book. Rather, he said, he singled out policies service members must now adopt to to align with agendas “that are now affecting our culture.”

“Irresistible Revolution is a timely and bold contribution from an active-duty Space Force lieutenant colonel who sees the impact of a neo-Marxist agenda at the ground level within our armed forces,” a description of the book reads.

Lohmeier appeared last week with L. Todd Wood of the podcast “Information Operation,” hosted by Creative Destruction, or CD, Media, to promote the book.

He said American institutions including universities, corporate media and U.S. agencies including the military are increasingly adopting leftist practices. Policies such as diversity and inclusion training are the systemic causes for an increasingly divisive atmosphere in America today, Lohmeier warned.

About Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, he said, “I don’t demonize the man, but I want to make it clear to both him and every service member this [diversity and inclusion] agenda, it will divide us, it will not unify us.”

Austin on Feb. 5 ordered all military services to observe one-day stand-down on extremism in the ranks. Lohmeier said that as part of that stand-down, he was given a booklet that cited the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol as an example of extremism.

“What you see happening in the U.S. military at the moment is that if you’re a conservative, then you’re lumped into a group of people who are labeled extremists, if you’re willing to voice your views. And if you’re aligned with the Left, then it’s OK to be an activist online because no one’s gonna hold you accountable,” Lohmeier said, according to a Washington Examiner report.

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