‘Tyrant’: Protesters swarm Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

by WorldTribune Staff, January 27, 2023

Leftist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was greeted on Tuesday night by a group of angry protesters who denounced him as a “tyrant” and “traitor” as he arrived at a Liberal Party cabinet retreat in Hamilton, Ontario.

One protester carried a flag reading “We Love the Fringe,” a reference to Trudeau’s January 2022 dismissal of the Freedom Convoy as a “fringe minority of people.”

‘You’re a monster,’ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was told.

Others displayed Covid-related paraphernalia such as a giant inflatable sheep wearing a face mask and inscribed with “99.8% Survival Rate,” which criticized Trudeau’s response to the pandemic as excessive.

“Trudeau, you f**king asshole. You’re a monster. You’re destroying this country. You have blood on your hands,” one woman yelled at the prime minister.

Another woman was heard shouting “resign” and others joined her in demanding Trudeau step down.

Trudeau insisted that it was merely “a handful of angry people” who “do not define what Hamilton is, or what democracy is in this country.”

Breitbart News reported: “Trudeau and his hefty security escort seemed surprised by the size and intensity of the protest outside Jackson Square Plaza in Hamilton. The protest did not appear to be highly organized, but its members were united in their disapproval of Trudeau’s authoritarian actions during the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, especially the measures he took to crush the ‘Freedom Convoy’ trucker protests of early 2022.”

The Western Standard noted on Wednesday that “groups of Canadians displeased with the federal government” were already heckling the Liberal Party retreat in Hamilton before Trudeau arrived, and other Liberal officials have encountered angry crowds.

In fact, one reason some Canadian publications were able to describe the crowd that confronted Trudeau as “small” was that his security team, well aware of the demonstrations in Hamilton, pulled off a decoy maneuver that fooled most of the protesters into thinking Trudeau would use the rear exit from the restaurant he was dining in, when he actually departed through the front door, the report said.

The Western Standard quoted Hamilton police officials who said the demonstrators remained peaceful and dispersed by 11 p.m, with no arrests made.

Canadians, Trudeau said, “are facing tough times right now.”

The country has been grappling with the soaring cost-of-living as an economic downturn has caused skyrocketing inflation rates. Grocery prices have also soared, and multiple industries have been hit by layoffs.

In a year-end interview with Global News last month, Trudeau had warned Canadians that 2023 will be a difficult year as economic challenges brew.

“Global recession fears, slowing down in the global economy, interest rates continuing to be high, inflation still lingering — it’s going to be tough,” he said.

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