Trump boom: Gallup finds voters ‘better off’; Key ‘accomplishments’ get traction

by WorldTribune Staff, February 12, 2020

A significantly higher number of Americans say they are “better off” under the Trump presidency than they were during the years his four predecessors were up for re-election, a new poll found.

The Gallup poll found 61 percent say they are better off today than they were three years ago, a record high for the poll.

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Feb. 10. / YouTube

“Six in 10 U.S. adults say they are better off than they were three years ago, more than reported this in prior presidential re-election years,” said Gallup.

On the “better off” question comparing how voters feel at the re-election point for Trump compared to former Presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H.W. Bush, the numbers aren’t close.

• Trump: 61 percent feel better off than three years ago.
• Obama: 45 percent felt better off in 2012.
• Bush: 50 percent felt better off in 2004.
• Clinton: 50 percent felt better off in 1996.
• Bush: 50 percent felt better off in 1992.

“What’s more, people give Trump much more credit for the improved economy than former President Barack Obama, who’s supporters have been claiming credit,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted. “Some 26 percent give Obama a “great deal” of credit compared to Trump at 37 percent.”

A new Zogby Analytics poll shows that Trump’s “success at making good on hundreds of campaign promises is helping to drive voters to support his re-election,” Bedard wrote.

Key among the president’s achievements applauded by voters has been his boost in black and Hispanic employment and making the United States an energy exporter.

“When we presented respondents with a list of ‘accomplishments’ touted by the Trump administration, we asked respondents if each would make them ‘more or less likely’ to vote for President Trump in 2020. Eight out of the 10 accomplishments the Trump administration has touted as a result of their doing were cause for a plurality of respondents to say they were more likely to vote for Trump in 2020,” said an analysis from pollster Jonathan Zogby.

“The four most popular accomplishments were: African-American unemployment at the lowest rate in history, the United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957, U.S. oil production recently reached an all-time high, and President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act,” Zogby said.

Meanwhile, voters came out in large numbers to support Trump on Tuesday even though he did not have a serious primary challenger in New Hampshire.

With 86 percent reporting, Trump earned 117,462 votes in the New Hampshire Republican primary, more than twice the 49,080 primary voters who voted for Obama in the New Hampshire Democratic primary in 2012.

“Enthusiasm for Donald Trump is through the roof!” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted, adding “President Trump has surpassed the New Hampshire Primary vote total of every incumbent President running for re-election over the last four decades.”

Trump tweeted: “Wouldn’t a big story be that I got more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president, in either party, in the history of that Great State? Not an insignificant fact!”

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