Triumphant in Michigan: Trump mocks NY judgement, slams ‘Bigrant crime’

by WorldTribune Staff, February 18, 2024

On a frigid day in Waterford Township, Michigan on Saturday, Donald Trump torched the Biden Administration, globalists, and an election system which has become addicted to mail-in ballots.

Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Waterford Township, Michigan on Saturday. / Video Image

“Let the Dems know: A freight train is coming,” Trump told the thousands of supporters who turned out the jet hangar which served as his rally headquarters for the day.

Trump urged voters to “send a signal” to Joe Biden who has “ordered a hit job on Michigan manufacturing” with his focus on electric vehicles.

“If we win Michigan, we win the election,” Trump said

Trump went on to say that “globalists are on respirators. A dying breed.”

The big story, he said, was the crisis at the southern border: “I call it Biden migrant crime. Bigrant crime.”

Trump said that “mail-in ballots use is totally corrupt. You’ve got to get that in your head. [Same day voting with paper ballots is] 9 percent the cost of this other stuff they’re doing.”

The rally came one day after New York judge Art Engoron fined Trump more than $350 million and barred him from running businesses in New York for three years.

Trump fired off a series of posts on Truth Social in response to the verdict:

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