This virus is one smart and discriminating bug; Get a backbone, America

FPI / April 30, 2020

The following ‘Letter from a friend’ was published by the Tribune Papers of western North Carolina.

The country has been asked to shelter in place, to self-quarantine, for over a month. Everyone was told there was a two week “incubation” period, that if you were infected, it would manifest during that time and if not, you were clean. Then the discussion morphed into “who is a carrier?”, “who has been exposed but is immune?”, meaning they would have to wait to be tested before their lives could return to some sort of normalcy.

‘The virus magically resists the temptation to infect anyone in the large stores, while stalking and waiting to pounce on anyone who enters a small bakery, clothing store, jewelry store, shoe store and especially a restaurant /

There are so many inconsistencies it begs a thorough analysis of what the word “essential” actually means. I was heading to the grocery store and noticed that the dry cleaners was open, so I went in and picked up some clothes.

No masks, no social distancing, just business as usual. So, I figured a bank would certainly be as essential as a dry cleaners … after all, that’s the source of economic health, dreams, opportunities and hope. But, only the drive through was open. The lobby, where major business transactions are done … was locked.

Yet, right next door Walmart and Target were in full swing with packed parking lots and dozens of people taking carts that had just been handled by someone else. Half of the people had masks, the other half didn’t. And a mask was the only sign that there was a major pandemic ravaging the economy of the country while having the same numerical impact on the health of people as the common flu does.

The other major chains that handle construction, like Lowes and Home Depot are open but the mom and pop hardware store in town is locked down. Bakeries, clothing stores, shoe stores, jewelry stores, electronic stores all closed, yet all of those services are alive and well in the mini-villages of Walmart and Target.

And suddenly the virus is especially dangerous if people want to drive to a church parking lot, stay in their cars with the windows rolled up to hear a sermon about hope in a dark situation. It’s so dangerous that half a dozen policeman congregate … in close proximity to relish the idea of stimulating that economy by handing … through opened windows … $500 tickets … potentially infecting everyone in the car.

All the restaurants that are serving curb side still have to have a staff on site, working side by side, in small kitchens to serve the loyal customers … outside. Every time they go outside to hand a bag to a waiting customer, they could be bringing something back in, but an agreement must have been made with the virus, that it won’t jump the curb.

All of this discriminating social distancing has been done with the backdrop of a barrage of dictates by state governments that range all the way from not being able to buy seeds to not being allowed alone on a golf course or in a national park.

So, what is the point of all this? Walmart and other huge mega stores are deemed essential, are packed with people, some wearing masks, some not, with the implication being that the virus is one smart bug. It magically resists the temptation to infect anyone in the large stores, while stalking and waiting to pounce on anyone who enters a small bakery, clothing store, jewelry store, shoe store and especially a restaurant.

This virus, somehow, has learned to discriminate in a very surgically precise way as to virtually eliminate 80 percent of small businesses in the country.

The country has listened non-stop to “experts” who have told us what we are to expect if we don’t take draconian measures to stay safe. But sheltering in place in a type of quarantine becomes inconsequential if huge magnet stores stay open. They provide the perfect excuse for “essential” shopping. Even Nancy Pelosi showed us her “essential” supply of very expensive ice cream.

The liquor stores are supplying essential forms of self-medication as the public moves from one open venue to the next, making sure all these “essential” needs are met, all while virtue signaling with their little masks.

So, basically, the economy never actually shut down.

It slowed down, it took a sharp turn, it rolled down hill a bit and was suddenly stopped at a roadblock called “politics”. When the big issue is what name we give the virus because we don’t want to offend a country that holds our mortgage, pays our kids big bucks because their dads are powerful politicians, and makes lying an art form … then we have more to worry about than a virus.

This virus is a perfect excuse for liberals to kick the tires on a rollout of their coveted socialist agenda. Due process and rule of law have been exchanged for illegal dictates by elected officials.

How can a governor who supports a woman’s right to choose to do with her body as she wants, which is code for abortion, but she can’t choose to leave her house? She can’t choose to not wear a mask and gloves? Oh … of course, because it would be selfish of her to not think about the lives of those around her. But, she would be applauded for killing a life inside her.

Let’s apply the concept of choice as something we give back to people … by letting them choose to go back to work, taking the same chance they take every time they get in a car.

There are more deaths in cars, statistically, than by the virus. There are more deaths each year by the flu than by this virus. Suicide, drug overdose, diabetes, heart attacks, cancer … are all deadly yet there has never been a national move to stop life to address any of these diseases.

They aren’t contagious … and neither is abortion that kills 50 percent  of the people who enter an abortion clinic. 950 people are killed, by appointment, every day. Take care of that pandemic before destroying the Bill of Rights in the name of keeping us protected. Ironically, in the case of abortion, true “social distancing” would cure that pandemic.

Oh, and the very suspicious move to have mail-in voting, can be explained by which party is for it and which is against it. Here’s a solution, turn all the big chain stores, big box stores, auto parts and even car dealerships, etc., into polling places. Everyone is already open for business there, not socially distancing and not missing a beat.

While everyone is being shamed into wearing a mask, what is really being masked is an agenda that will use anything to make sure the people learn to be obedient and compliant. And those who are pushing back with protests, are being labeled as “dangerous” and “out of control”. Of course Antifa, Black Lives Matter and every other violent, radical group that expressed their property-destroying opinions are lauded by liberal leaders and told they should be given their space to protest. Door never swings both ways for liberals, does it?

But, if we need civil disobedience to remind our self-imposed rulers that they work for us, not the other way around, then I say bring it on. We have nothing to lose but our freedoms, if we allow anyone to think they have more power and authority than anyone else.

That is what the Constitution is all about … it gives each one of us the power and authority to determine our own destinies without the permission of the state. And when we forget that, and comply with their unconstitutional dictates, we have declared freedom a luxury and not a right.

So, get a backbone America and declare it is essential for the survival of the nation to get back to work.

FPI, Free Press International