The rogue state strategic alliance to watch: North Korea-Iran

FPI / May 31, 2023


There is nothing new about the secret strategic partnership between Iran and North Korea.

Missile parade in North Korea.

For 40 years, the two isolated states have been cooperating on missile technology. Every step of the way, they have defied international sanctions while building two of the most threatening missile programs on the planet.

“Pyongyang and Teheran exchange data, technology and components in their quest to achieve strategic deterrence. That means if they are attacked by anybody from America to Israel, they can retaliate in kind,” independent journalist Steve Rodan noted in a May 30 analysis.

A new milestone in the North Korea-Iran strategic alliance is reported to have been reached as Teheran said it has successfully test-launched a missile with a range of 2,000 kilometers – sufficient to reach Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Known as Khorramshahr-4, the missile is much like others unveiled over the last decade. It is liquid-fueled and can be launched from a truck. The difference is payload.

The Khorramshahr-4 reportedly contains a payload of 1,500 kilograms, the largest in Iran’s arsenal. That capability allows the latest missile to carry several missile warheads, including nuclear.

The United Nations reported in February 2021 that Iran and North Korea had resumed cooperation on long-range missiles. The report cited the transfer of critical parts, including engines.

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