The new utopians, like the old, are plunging world into ‘chaos and hatred’

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By Alexander Maistrovoy

A century ago, in 1918-20, Europe sunk into the “red terror”.

Vladimir Lenin speaks to the troops on May 1, 1920. ‘Lenin, Trotsky, Bela Kun, Dzerzhinsky were sincere idealists, they had not yet had the sinister experience of the 20th century. … Corbin, Sanders, Obama, Trudeau, Elizabeth Warren, Mélenchon, Kamala Harris, Juncker or Macron are not idealists. / Public domain.

Inspired by the Russian revolution, people with red armbands, red flags and red stars were determined to celebrate the “new bright future”. At factories, the power was transferred to factory committees, banks were nationalized, churches were turned into food and military warehouses, monuments were demolished, people were forcibly mobilized into the Red Army.

Extraordinary commissions murdered the “enemies of the people” and their families and deprived them of land and property. Bavarian Soviet Republic, Hungarian Soviet Republic, Slovak Soviet Republic, Alsace-Lorraine Soviet Republic, Bremen Soviet Republic, Red Finland — the creators of the great Utopia destroyed everything that was associated with traditional values, ideals and virtues.

Nowadays no one seems to remember it. The Left will not benefit from it; the Right dreads accusations of whitewashing Nazism.

The outcome was dramatic. The consequences of the attempted social experiment on a living body of society were brutal — at first spontaneous, then organized: furious nationalism, revived racial phobias and unrestrained thirst for revenge. Even enlightened intellectuals such as Thomas Mann were caught up in the wave of hatred.

Utopia choked on blood in Russia. In Europe, the nationalists won: moderate and prudent, like Mannerheim; cruel but predictable, like Admiral Horthy; and monstrous like Hitler.

A lot has changed in the last hundred years. The Soviet empire collapsed, Eastern Europe resurrected and gained solid immunity from “universalistic theories”; the “World Revolution” of the Third World failed, a lot of Jews directed their unrestrained temperament to create their own state.

Only one thing has remained unchanged: the passionate faith of the Western elite in Utopian perverted theories of all sorts and kinds. As result in the 21st century once again the world has entered a vicious cycle of revolution and reaction.

The reaction has already begun. Terror of loners, attacks on mosques and synagogues, atrocities in Utøya, Christchurch, Galle and now Hanau are its first sign.

It was predictable, explainable and logical. The globalist quasi-Marxist ideology has turned the inhabitants of the Third World and, especially, Muslims into “people of the highest sort”. They became ‘proletariat’ of modern time and vice versa: ‘white straight males’ became symbol of repression, racism and violence, ‘the new world enemy’.

But the people refuse to agree with the destruction of the thousand-year-old foundations, family, faith and traditions. They refuse to be marginal in their own countries. Forcefully implanted alien culture is rejected by the society and in such atmosphere psychopaths take up arms and kill those they think are the operatives of a new pseudo-religious sect and their allies. You can turn a blind eye to it, ignore the causal relationships, yell about the racism of the white society, but it does not change the essence.

This is a reaction to violent fanatical implantation of Utopia, regardless of how it’s labeled: Marxism, Globalism, Progressivism, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness, Intersectionality, Political Identity, Cultural Diversity or Tikkun Olyam. It is reaction to Antifa, BLM, Islamic terror and an associated culture of raping and bullying. Loner psychosis is a precursor of mass psychosis. “Red Plague” generates a “Brown Plague.”

In Germany, a country so prone, alas, to bursts of psychopathy, the number of neo-Nazis is growing. These are not the moderate nationalists from AfD or Pegida.

They are the real Nazis, the direct followers of the Fuhrer. According to BfV, their number over the past two years (i.e., after a wave of refugees) increased by 50%. They are engaged in martial arts. They draw the Werewolf, a symbol of the SS, wear “Adolgf was the best” and “I [heart] HTLR” T-shirts, arrange “Kampf der Nibelungen” (“Battle of Nibelung”) and prepare for “D-Day”. We see how the ideas of the Third Reich gain power in Western culture again from the USA and Canada to France. They no longer try to conspire. Their time is approaching, because the soil is already fertilized for them by the progressives.

Because of the globalists and progressives, the Western world is plunging into chaos and hatred. Only a scarce of lucky people will get the next Mannerheim. However, almost certainly, most of them will get new Fuhrers.

The carriers of New Utopias are by far more guilty for wronging their people and history than their predecessors with red flags in Bavaria and Hungary.

First, Russia with its despotism of Tsars, the Pale of Settlement and the Okhrana (secret police) as well militaristic Prussian Germany were seriously ill. The horrors of the Great War and the cloaca of the Industrial Revolution devastated the soul of the West. But the current progressives have inherited healthy, stable, and prosperous communities. Essentially all the flaws and shortcomings of the past were eliminated or nearly eliminated: discrimination of national and sexual minorities and women, social ulcers, industrial lumpen and mass poverty. By carrying out the program of ethnic substitution by mass migration from Third (especially, Muslim) world and by destroying cultural and religious values of their people, the globalists don’t demolish dying, rotten regimes, instead they bulldoze successful democratic states.

Secondly, Lenin, Trotsky, Bela Kun, Dzerzhinsky were sincere idealists, they had not yet had the sinister experience of the 20th century. They could still indulge themselves in the probable success of their social experiment. Corbin, Sanders, Obama, Trudeau, Elizabeth Warren, Mélenchon, Kamala Harris, Juncker or Macron are not idealists. These are hypocritical plutocrats and manipulators of consciousness, craving for power and glory. Thus, by this becoming more ignominious.

And finally, third and most important. Marxism grew out of Utopian communism, rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition: from Jewish prophets, Essenes and early Christians to Thomas Müntzer and the Anabaptists, the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt, Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella, Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier and Robert Owen. Their views (no matter how to evaluate them) based solely on Western culture itself. They had nothing to do with the archaic, primitive and cruel cults of backward peoples and sure had nothing in common with gloomy dogmatic and aggressive Islam with female circumcision for girls, intimidated women, rituals of stoning unfaithful wives and homosexuals, bloody vendetta, the slave trade and the division of humanity into faithful and infidel.

Islam was a symbol of anti-utopia for them. They would have turned in their graves, had they learned that their heirs represented by new Western elite open their gates for crowds of primitive savages.

Man is a part of nature and obeys its laws. According to Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Transgression of human nature yields violence and monsters — three monsters in our case: Red, Brown and Green ones. Prosperous, stable and tolerant communities have been replaced by Red-Green Hydra, on the one hand, and a Werewolf, on the other.

However, who is Newton to dictate the laws to a progressive-minded person? No more than a Dead White European Male.

Alexander Maistrovoy is also the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)”, Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.