‘The idea is that you don’t go after candidates’: Barr explains DOJ silence on Biden probe

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, December 13, 2020

The Department of Justice has an unwritten convention known as “the rule of forbearance.”

Though not codified in law or formal guidance to U.S. attorneys, Attorney General William Barr previously told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt: “The idea is you don’t go after candidates.”

Attorney General William Barr

“You don’t indict candidates or perhaps someone that’s sufficiently close to a candidate, that it’s essentially the same, you know, within a certain number of days before an election,” Barr said.

Would that apply to all candidates, or just Democrats?

It is quite obvious to high school journalism students that “the rule of forebearance” was not followed when the FBI, which is under the DOJ’s jurisdiction, in July of 2016 launched the Crossfire Hurricane investigation which included spying on the Trump campaign. The heavily punitive repercussions, both legal and via media-generated character assassination have been 24-7 news every single day for over four years.

Barr had known about several investigations into Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business deals since at least this spring and “worked to avoid their public disclosure during the heated election campaign,” the Wall Street Journal reported on Dec. 10.

Soon after it was revealed that Hunter Biden was the subject of a federal investigation, Joe Biden’s brother James was reported to be caught up in an FBI investigation.

Agents have asked about James Biden during an investigation into a hospital business in Pennsylvania in which he was involved, Politico reported.

The business Americore ran rural hospitals and was raided by agents in January after entering bankruptcy. Politico reported that in the course of their investigation, the FBI asked about James Biden’s involvement in the business.

James Biden has been described as Americore’s “principal,” but has disputed that description. His role in Americore is the subject of litigation in at least two states. In one court case he was accused of dropping his brother’s name to drum up business.

James Biden is also part of his nephew Hunter’s Chinese business dealings, with claims that he and his wife Sara got credit cards from another deal which they used to pay for up to $100,000 at hotels and restaurants and shops including the Apple store.

Emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that he planned to have James Biden cut in on a deal he was trying to set up with California businessman Tony Bobulinski in China.

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas told Fox News on Thursday that a special counsel should be appointed to investigate Biden family corruption.

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