The EU as Soviet lite: I’ve seen this movie before and it does not end well

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After the Brexit and recent attacks against migrants in Britain I can’t get rid of the deja vu feeling. I’ve already watched this movie, a quarter century ago. I know how its ends.

By Alexander Maistrovoy

In summer of 1989, the Lithuanian Sejm decided to withdraw from the Soviet Union and establish Lithuanian laws in the country. It was the beginning of the end for USSR — a giant corrupt monster, which for 70 years had bullied the world and its people under the pretense of communist ideology.

European Council President Van Rompuy (left), European Commission President Barroso, and European Parliament President Schulz with the Nobel prize in Oslo, Dec. 10, 2012.
European Council President Van Rompuy (left), European Commission President Barroso, and European Parliament President Schulz with the Nobel prize in Oslo, Dec. 10, 2012.

Intimidation and sanctions could not prevent the collapse. The fabricated artificial entity, thoroughly impregnated with falsehood and lies, fell apart like a house of cards.

It came out of the clear blue sky, but the collapse was inevitable due to the very nature of the “Red empire” — as was the inevitable disintegration of the EU.

Set aside the scenery and the nuances. Without a doubt EU’s bright and vivid facade does not resemble the meager grayness of the Soviet entourage.

Of course, EU hasn’t the power, assertiveness and strict centralization that the USSR had. However, the supporting structures and the foundation were made from the same materials with the same guidelines.

One can easily find numerous and fundamental similarities between these two entities.

  • The Soviet Union created a planned, controlled, and unsustainable economy managed by bureaucratic apparatus. The EU did the same and has tried to regulate the economy artificially. USSR redistributed wealth on an equal basis — the EU has been wasting money on benefits to those who refuse to work.
  • The USSR and the EU had imposed an artificial universalist ideology on their people that promised a paradise on earth for future generations. In the USSR it was called Communism. EU calls it “postmodernism”. Using this slogan: “Let’s denounce the old world!” — Soviet apparatchiks, similarly to the European bureaucrats, drove their people to hell.
  • The USSR created a huge bureaucratic machine, dictated ideology in all spheres of life — from politics to theater, architecture and fashion. This bureaucracy was completely cut off from the reality and the citizens. The same happened in the EU.
  • The USSR instituted the most severe censorship with its persecution of dissidents. By subjugating governments, national media, the Academy and the judicial system the EU has established a cultural totalitarianism. The pursuit of dissidents has been more sophisticated, thus more efficient, veiled by concepts of “tolerance”, “human rights” and “cultural diversity” — a devilish concoction.
  • The Soviet Union cultivated a new “formation of people” — “Soviet people”. Like the unskillful Gnostic Demiurge, the EU cultivated “post-modern people” – consumers without roots, values and moral compass, unable to see the difference between good and evil, fact and fiction. In order to create a “Soviet man”, the USSR deliberately carried out migration of nations, while destroying homogeneous historical communities and arbitrarily creating alien enclaves in the social body of other republics: Ukraine, Baltic States, Moldova, the Caucasus and in Central Asia. EU has intentionally flooded its countries with masses of migrants from Third World countries and Muslim countries to destroy national cultures — labeling the process “multiculturalism”.
  • Communists created fussy, worthless and senseless art of “Socialist realism”, symbolized by “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”. Postmodernists invented infantile “postmodern art” with cult of primitivism, drafting archaic forms, meaningless set of sounds and wall paintings.
  • USSR intimidated its people with threat of nuclear apocalypse to distract them from poverty. EU frightens Europeans with environmental apocalypse; promulgating doubtful ideas about global warming by suppressing the real threat of global terrorism, the clash of civilizations and the collapse of the national states.
  • The USSR drained the resources of wealthy republics — the Baltic States and Ukraine — to feed weak, unproductive South. The EU doesn’t fall behind.
  • USSR treated the Jews as the “fifth column”, regardless of their contribution to science and medicine. EU has betrayed the European Jews while obstinately undermining Israel, despite its contribution to science and medicine only to appease Muslims. The USSR had created the “Palestinian people” and the PLO, turning “anti-Zionism” to ram through of its “anti-imperialist” policies. The EU has turned the creation of “a Palestinian state” into “the sacral dogma” of foreign policy, ignoring the geopolitical reality, Islamic fanaticism and the Middle East chaos.
  • USSR has been limitlessly and greedily wasting resources to feed the various regimes until it had ultimately collapsed from exhaustion. In its greediness and unscrupulousness, the EU is infinitely expanding by association with Turkey, North Africa and the Caucasus.
  • USSR had dispersed the miasma of its pseudo-ideology throughout the world under the pretense of “fighting for the freedom of peoples” and “social justice.” The EU is operating in a similar manner.

Wasn’t it a cruel mockery of history that when the European Union that was on the verge of collapse it virtually awarded itself the Nobel Peace Prize, as was done by senile Soviet leaders?

I’ve claimed that I know the end of this “movie”. At first, the collapse will occur alongside borders of “Pink Empire” countries. After that the very fabric of the social organism of the countries will start to decay.

Alien and hostile enclaves already exist in European cities in form of extraterritorial “Sensitive Urban Zones” with laws of sharia or clan and tribal law codes. They will expand and become quasi-states inside states. The territorial entity will appear in Europe similar to Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and Chechnya, the republic of Donetsk and Luhansk Republic.

In the former USSR these entities get the support of Russia. In EU they will get support from the giant Islamic world.

Timeworn grievances will flare up, the body of the crumbling “United Europe” will be covered with ulcers and bleeding wounds. European states (including perhaps new ones as Scotland, Catalonia, Wallonia and so on) will have to regain power with force, to declare states of emergency, to carry out repressions.

Dictatorship will be the alternative for chaos and it will be the end of democracy. “Bellum omnium contra omnes” (“The war of all against all”) will bring Western Europe back to “Social Contract” of Hobbes, i.e. to voluntary tyranny. Ironically, hundreds of thousands of migrants will become victims of “multiculturalism”.

The elite will either flee or will “adapt”, like Soviet apparatchiks after “Perestroika” who became oligarchs and Orthodox nationalists.

One more experiment comes to an end, leaving behind anarchy and ruin. The EU-USSR elite have destroyed prosperous countries just in a few decades – ironically, they’ve achieved even more than geriatric Soviet elite.

Alexander Maistrovoy is the author of “Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger)”, published recently by Xlibris, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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