That’s the ticket? $4,300 to see working class hero Bruce Springsteen

by WorldTribune Staff, July 27, 2022

Thinking about seeing Bruce Springsteen on tour next year? That’ll cost you about $4,300 for a floor seat or $1,125 for standing room only.

Bruce Springsteen

“The working class hero has become an insufferable, out-of-touch elitist holding concerts that only his fellow elitists can afford,” Breitbart’s John Nolte noted. “He doesn’t want Joe Sixpack (who probably voted for Trump) at his concert. Instead, he wants Joe Scarborough and Jon Meacham.”

The hefty prices for Springsteen tickets are the product of Ticketmaster’s “market priced” system, which prices tickets not on a flat fee but based on demand. The higher the demand, the higher the ticket cost.

Musicians go to great lengths to attach themselves and promote leftist causes, but one thing they won’t do, Nolte noted, “is band together to end the Ticketmaster monopoly, which has been screwing their fans for decades.” pointed out that it would not be difficult for The Boss to circumvent Ticketmaster as a means of showing his fans a little respect and gratitude for making him a billionaire:

It is exceedingly clear that Bruce Springsteen does not care how much a given fan spends to see him play. If he did care, the rock icon who recently sold the rights to his publishing catalog for a cool $500 million — and whose concert tours typically rake in around $200 million at the box office — would refuse to work with Ticketmaster, finance the shows himself, buy permits to use unoccupied fields across America and set a ticket price he alone could control. He’d call it Brucestock or something and pocket considerably less from the fans who’ve supported him for half a century.

This isn’t the first time “working class hero” Springsteen has fronted a show with tickets costing more than many working-class people bring home in a week. In 2017, “Springsteen on Broadway” tickets climbed as high as $850 each.

Nolte added: “These left-wing artists have the power to bring about change, to muscle Ticketmaster into not royally screwing their fans, but they refuse to do it. The fact they do not fight back on our behalf is a choice based on greed and status, and ego. It must do the ego tremendous good to know someone’s willing to pay $4,300 to listen to you sing for a few hours.”

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