Team Trump celebrates opportunity to finally prove in court its claims on 2020 election fraud

by WorldTribune Staff, August 23, 2023

American judges took a pass.

Unconstitutional changes to state election laws, unsupervised ballot drop boxes, voting machine errors, mathematically improbable voter turnout, and other examples of voter fraud that Team Trump said occurred during the 2020 election were never really presented in the courts.

Now, Team Trump says, they will be. In response to the most recent indictments against the former president, Trump’s attorneys indicated they finally have a platform to “fully re-litigate every single issue that occurred during the 2020 election.”

“The most important issue in America may finally get its due,” Matt Kane wrote for American Thinker on Aug. 18. … “President Trump did not try to ‘subvert’ the election, nor did he secretly know he lost. Any beyond-surface-level inspection of the 2020 election reveals its fraudulency. Trump was not only allowed to dispute an election he felt was fraudulent, but as president was constitutionally obligated to do so. That is the opposite of criminal. In fact, he is one of the only public officials willing to uphold the oath he swore. Trying to imprison him for this not only is a tall task, but also puts them at risk of allowing him to publicly prove that ‘The Big Lie’ is the real ‘Big Lie.’ ”

Trump noted on Truth Social:


For the first time in three years, brave American Patriots will be able, in Court, to show how the Presidential Election of 2020 was RIGGED & STOLLEN. For those RINOS, Radical Left Democrats, Communists, Marxists, Fascists , & others who say, “Don’t Look Back, Look Forward,” they either do not want to reveal the answers because they “got away with murder,” or are FOOLS & COWARDS because we now know the answers to all of the Fraud, Irregularities, & Cheating, & WE CANNOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

Kane added: “The evidence exists for Trump to finally prove that his over two-year-old claims are valid. All he must do now is present it.”

Among the evidence that Trump’s team can present:

Georgia: Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger concluded that with voter turnout already exceeding the 2016 total by 400 thousand votes, and Trump leading by over 105 thousand votes with just 2% of the vote left to count, there simply were not enough outstanding votes for Biden to win the state. As Raffensperger began stating this on live television, his connection to the program was disconnected. But when he returned, Raffensperger doubled down. Questioned by NBC News panelists, he said, “Even if one of the candidates got the remaining 100%, it wouldn’t be enough to change the result.”

Raffensperger would later switch gears when he told the Select Committee on January 6: “If you looked at all the numbers, it never added up to anywhere near what could throw the election in doubt,” completely contradicting his previous claim in the process.

Michigan: A recent report exposed the scheme that delivered Biden with unprecedented amounts of ballots in the early morning hours of Nov. 4, which included an excess of 800 thousand ballots being sent to non-qualified voters. Michigan was allegedly decided by 154,188 votes, making the results more than questionable.

Wisconsin: In March of 2022, former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gabelman’s investigation unearthed a nursing home exploitation scheme so egregious that his suggested remedy was decertifying Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes. Even Assembly speaker Robin Vos, previously an election fraud denier, conceded that “widespread fraud” had occurred. Later, the state Supreme Court determined that the absentee ballot drop boxes through which 2 million votes were submitted during the election were actually illegal. The majority opinion described the outcome as “obtained by unlawful procedures,” as Wisconsin was decided by just 20,000 votes.

Pennsylvania: There were concerns regarding Pennsylvania’s voting procedure long before any votes were even cast. The state’s Senate Republican Caucus and the Republican Party strongly argued that the state Supreme Court extending the deadline to count ballots violated the U.S. Constitution’s Elections Clause by taking away the Legislature’s authority to “set the times, places and manner of federal elections.” This was ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court just prior to Justice Barrett’s confirmation. This led to a 4-4 decision, which results in a “stay.” Had this been heard after her confirmation, it is likely Barrett would have ruled against the extensions that led to Biden’s constitutionally questionable “comeback.”

Arizona: The first state that raised suspicions in real time. Despite not voting Democrat in a two-candidate presidential election since 1948, Fox News shockingly called the state for Biden after just 27% of the vote was reported. This sparked a forensic audit that concluded that the number of illegal votes exceeded Biden’s alleged 11-thousand-vote victory fivefold.

“When vote-counting was inexplicably halted on Election Night, Trump led all these states by six figures. A combination of any three of these states holding would have secured him a second term, which is why Democrats fought so hard to steal them,” Kane noted.

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