Swalwell, back on the House Intelligence Committee, also named to Homeland Security panel

by WorldTribune Staff, February 8, 2021

Even after it was revealed he had been successfully targeted and possibly compromised by a communist Chinese spy, Rep. Eric Swalwell kept his slot on the House Intelligence Committee. Now, the California Democrat is also joining the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Rep. Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang

Yes, the same Eric Swalwell who was so easily duped by a Chinese spy who cozied up to him in an effort to infiltrate the U.S. political system is back in a position where he has access to the nation’s most sensitive and top secret intelligence reports.

“My committee memberships — along with my experience as a prosecutor and as the son and brother of law enforcement officers — will give me a unique opportunity to delve into one of America’s most serious national security threats,” Swalwell said.

Fang Fang, also known as Christine Fang, disguised as an exchange student and came to the U.S. to build relationships with up-and-coming politicians on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party, Axios reported in December. One of her highest-profile targets was Swalwell, whom she met when he was still a city councilman in the East Bay city of Dublin almost a decade ago.

A group of 17 Republican House members sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in December urging her to “immediately remove” Swalwell from the intel panel.

“Because of Rep. Swalwell’s position on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, his close interactions with Chinese intelligence services, however unintentional they may be, are an unacceptable national security risk,” the letter said.

Noting that the committee “handles some of the most sensitive information our government possesses — information critical to our national defense,” the letter continued, “we urge you to immediately remove Rep. Swalwell from his position on the House Intelligence Committee.”

But Pelosi is standing by her fellow California Democrat, saying in a recent statement: “As House Speaker, I am pleased to announce the appointments of these outstanding Members to key Committees, where they will be relentless in leading Democrats’ work to combat disparities in our economy and country and to advance justice and progress For The People.”

“In the election, the American people elected a Democratic House Majority that not only will ensure that our nation recovers from this historic pandemic and economic crisis, but will Build Back Better,” Pelosi said.

What she did not mention was the Swalwell, from his perch on the House Intelligence Committee, had repeatedly declared to the media that President Donald Trump had been compromised by Russian intelligence. He never apologized or clarified his comments after his claims were refuted by multiple investigations.

Pelosi also named Swalwell as one of the House managers of the two sham impeachment trials carried out by Democrats, wasting millions in taxpayer dollars in the process.

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