Stephen Miller on Bidens: ‘No serious journalist’ could buy claims of innocence

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, October 16, 2019

During a softball interview with ABC News which aired on Oct. 15, Hunter Biden insisted he “did nothing wrong at all,” but conceded he displayed “poor judgment.” He also promised to stay clear of foreign deals if his father wins the presidency.

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. / C-SPAN

Referring to Hunter Biden’s China and Ukraine dealings, White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said: “No serious journalist, no serious human being could possibly think that Joe Biden isn’t completely and totally aware of both what his son is doing and why it’s corrupt and why Joe Biden by definition is intimately part of that corruption.”

In an interview with Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard, Miller said Joe Biden put Hunter Biden “on the airplane to fly him to China. He was the one that gave his son permission to join the Ukrainian board at the same time he was pushing to have the prosecutor fired. That’s on Joe Biden. That’s on him personally.”

Miller charged that China and Ukraine were currying favor with the Obama administration by working with Hunter Biden.

He cited China’s deal with Hunter Biden’s company and Hunter’s board membership with a Ukrainian energy firm.

“Nobody knows the extent to which the Biden family’s finances are tied into foreign countries — there is no preexisting financial relationships here — whose sole plausible nexus for giving the money to the Biden family is to curry favor. There is no other,” said Miller.

Miller suggested that Hunter Biden’s dealings in notoriously corrupt Ukraine while his father was vice president amounted to an endorsement by the U.S. of corruption in Ukraine.

“You are basically saying, with a wink and a nod, we are encouraging corruption in Ukraine. How could that otherwise be interpreted?” said Miller.

Sean Hannity noted on his Oct. 15 Fox News broadcast that Hunter Biden “made millions with no experience whatsoever,” adding that Democrats “call any accusation of misconduct against the former vice president an unproven conspiracy theory. The problem with that lie is that everything we have been reporting about the Biden family business of corruption is dead-on accurate. He had no experience.”

Referring to the interview as serving up “softball questions” to Hunter Biden, Hannity said: “Virtually no follow-up questions at all. Could you imagine, by the way, how would the media mob be reacting if you replace the name ‘Joe and Hunter Biden’ with, say, ‘Donald Trump and Don Jr.?’ ”

“What we saw on ABC is a blatant attempt to spin and deflect and lie in what is a growing real scandal that’s not going away,” Hannity said.

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