Sperm donors at elite Beijing hospital must have ‘sound ideological qualities’

by WorldTribune Staff, April 8, 2018

The Chinese Communist Party made news recently by issuing “social credit” scores based on ideologically correct behavior by Chinese citizens whether party members or not.

But the social engineers in Beijing are far from achieving Marxist-Leninist nirvana.

A Chinese paramilitary guard holds visits The Forbidden City in Beijing with his baby. / Fred Dufour / AFP / GETTY

Men between the ages of 20 to 45 who wish to donate semen at Beijing’s only sperm bank must “love the socialist motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party, be loyal to the party’s cause and be decent, law-abiding citizens, free of political problems”, the sperm bank said.

The requirement was part of a sperm donation drive launched last week by Peking University Third Hospital, AFP reported.

As well as being free of genetic or infectious diseases, potential donors must have “sound ideological qualities,” according to a notice posted on the hospital’s official account on the WeChat messaging app.

Those who successfully donate will be paid 5,500 yuan ($900), the statement said.

There were no details on how the hospital would verify whether donors satisfied the political requirements, the AFP report said.

China has only 23 sperm banks nationwide, According to the country’s National Health Commission, China has 23 sperm banks nationwide and many are plagued by a severe shortage of donors.

The campaign, which runs until late May, has inspired several tongue-in-cheek comments by Chinese internet users.

“Love for the party starts with a sperm,” wrote one social media commentator on WeChat.

“Maybe they haven’t learned biology. Acquired traits can’t be passed down,” wrote another on microblogging service Weibo.

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