Sound of silence: No answers as Left destroys nation it claims to govern

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By John McNabb

Sleepy Joe Biden has been in office for eight months and the United States is trapped in self-induced quicksand.

I have sounded the alarm in earlier columns, but the time has come for all to demand answers from both parties and their media which serves as a sound system for forces obviously intent on destroying this nation.

As our nation’s standing and credibility implodes, . . . let’s not forget Benghazi and the murders of our ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and two CIA operatives – Glen Doherty and Navy Seal Tyrone “Ty” Woods. / Video Image

Wake up and smell the coffee. Where are the mainstream media? Joy Reid, the mighty midget Jim Acosta or “big” Don Lemon?  Where is the million-dollar mind of Joy Behar? And what about the paid experts these stars feature? Were they clueless or complicit in the growing list of policy disasters this administration cannot defend?

Where is the loudmouth John Brennan, the former CIA director who simply couldn’t miss an opportunity to bash President Trump?  I suspect more evidence will surface that the no-combat, bookworm analyst Brennan has culpability in the ongoing demise of America. His silence is deafening. I wonder what role the “Deep State” played in the Afghanistan mess?

Brennan most likely had his footprints all over the Obama, Biden, Hillary and Susan Rice disaster in Benghazi. As our nation’s standing and credibility implodes after the Biden surrender in Afghanistan, let’s not forget the murders of our ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith and two CIA operatives – Glen Doherty and Navy Seal Tyrone “Ty” Woods.

Ole Sleepy Joe Biden has had his hands on many ugly, unconscionable acts even back when he was lucid. And now the world is mesmerized by the dumpster fire where many innocent Americans are trapped — Afghanistan, the absolute worst self-induced crisis since Pearl Harbor.

We can only pray for the innocent Americans who are trapped and forgotten in Afghanistan due to Sleepy Joe’s and Antony Blinken’s malfeasance. Seems like this type of issue occurs more often under the Democrat watch.

Flashback: A great friend of mine was working in Burma and staying at the Strand Hotel in Yangon in what is now Myanmar. He came down to breakfast in 1993, during the Bill Clinton presidency. He saw a manned howitzer artillery piece pointed directly at the front door of the hotel. What the hell? He was told that the country was under martial law and no one was to leave the hotel. Burma was going through a coup d’etat. My friend left the hotel and made his way to the American embassy where he encountered two U.S. Marine guards who would not allow him into the embassy. The two recounted that the State Department staff had left in the middle of the night and that my buddy needed to find shelter because he was not allowed into our embassy.

Sound familiar? Another Democrat American president and the same result. Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and now Ole Slow Joe Biden. Why don’t these folks like Americans?

The story had a good ending as my friend had a Canadian citizen on the trip with him. The Canadians were much more honorable, and my friend was transported to safety.

But back to the sounds of silence from our celebrity class about its favored leader. Among the most vociferous anti-Trump rants came from Hollywood. This is a grossly overpaid and under-educated crowd. Probably the most vociferous and least impressive is little Robert De Niro. He of the foul mouth who had threatened to punch President Trump. De Niro seemed to play tough guys in his fantasy roles, but I can promise that he didn’t have the “right stuff” to fly jets in combat during Vietnam with the two fighter wings in which I served. He wouldn’t have fared well with real enemies shooting real surface to air missiles and real anti-aircraft artillery at him. This pathetic little man and loudmouth will continue to live in his safe harbor in “La La Land.”

John McNabb, in 1969, with the 355th Tac Fighter Wing at the Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base. / John McNabb Collection

Sleepy Joe Biden did not serve in our military after rattling off five medical deferments to make it through law school. He finished at the very bottom of his class at what was at the time one of the worst ranked law schools in our country. And instead of saying he played football at Delaware, I did play at Duke, winning two Atlantic Coast Conference championships. My injuries would have kept me out of the military, had I wanted an excuse, but I didn’t. He and I are about the same age, and I am certain that if we compared ailments, I would have many more physical issues. Had Sleepy Joe served in our military he most likely would not have trashed some United States military members serving in the United Arab Emirates. He was speaking to a group of American military personnel in the Persian Gulf and tried to crack a joke to which none of the soldiers responded. When Sleepy Joe didn’t get the response he was anticipating he barked back to our young soldiers, “clap tor that, you stupid bastards.” Of course, the Left tried unsuccessfully to manage his demeaning conduct with our troops.

For years Joe Biden has been a walking, talking gaffe machine. That was on display for all to see in the most recent Democrat presidential primaries. And let us not forget that his giggling, cackling vice president finished in last place!

I am sure that you may want to know why I call the party on the left the Democrat Party instead of the Democratic Party. I do that because I see nothing democratic in what the Left is currently doing.

But the silence on the right is even more troubling. Why haven’t conservatives in our Congress spoken out? Where are Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Mitt Romney (R-UT) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on the outrageous treatment of American citizens who found their way into jail due to the Jan. 6 rally in Washington D.C.? The Hill just confirmed that, according to the FBI, there is little evidence that right wing groups or supporters of President Trump coordinated the event. The failure to speak out is inexplicable. Is it that conservatives don’t care about the terrible slide that is encompassing our United States? Most likely they have all contracted “Swamp Fever,” which is more dangerous to our republic than the “China virus.” Term limits, anyone?

What else has the Biden administration accomplished during the past nine months? I just drove back from a public board meeting because I enjoy long driving trips. That probably started in my youth when air travel in my family was basically non-existent. I stopped to gas up my SUV which was not on “empty.” I almost took a photo of the cost – 95 dollars!

Never forget that under President Trump, America became energy independent. Within the past two weeks Sleepy Joe Biden implored the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production to stem the increases in our gasoline prices. Does anyone think for a second that Saudi Arabia will kowtow to Sleepy Joe’s administration? The Saudis want higher oil prices and given Sleepy Joe’s performance in protecting our allies, don’t look for the Kingdom to lift a finger to aid Biden-Harris. Of course, that is due to this new administration’s war on domestic energy.

Thanks to Sleepy Joe Biden we are in a period of inflation we haven’t seen since Jimmy Carter. Stagflation equals high interest rates and economic malaise.

We are seeing the economy and job growth flattening, but with raging cost increases and soon much higher interest rates. These cost increases translate into taxes on all Americans, and most Americans will see a marked and negative change in their lifestyles as the Sleepy Joe tax increases will add further pain.

The Biden administration has allowed the Federal Reserve to print money with no resource to back up our American dollar. So fasten your seatbelt and watch American inflation surge and interest rates continue to increase. The U.S. dollar will lose its value and especially hurt the elderly on fixed incomes and the less fortunate in our nation. Remember this, when a $3 jar of pickles will cost $20, we will all be in a pickle.

The Democrat movement of defunding the police nationwide is already having a terrible impact on the safety of our streets. And the open borders are allowing terrorists and dangerous illegal drugs to flood our streets.

Let’s look at Sleepy Joe Biden’s cabinet. The woman who is currently serving as the secretary of Energy is a politician with no discernible experience in the energy space. But she has a terrible record of experimenting with green energy initiatives that cost the Michigan taxpayer and our federal government millions of dollars in wasted funding for green deals that didn’t work.

During the Trump Administration, I was approached when my friend Secretary of Energy Rick Perry was considering a move to run the Veterans Administration. I had verbally agreed to stand for confirmation had Secretary Perry moved to the new position. Relative to Sleepy Joe’s pick for Secretary of Energy, I have forgotten more in a short nap than the Michigan Democrat politician turned Energy Secretary will ever know about the entire American energy spectrum. Fact.

What about Sleepy Joe’s Secretary of State Tony Blinken? I am reminded of my childhood and the Nursery Rhymes and stories such as Wynken, Blynken and Nod. I watched Secretary of State Blinken get pummeled by his Chinese counterpart in the first post-Trump diplomatic parley. The Chinese diplomat had Tony Blinken blinking and nodding with no room to respond. It was a knockout in the first round and totally humiliating for America.  But there is more to come from Tony Blinken.

This administration is following the Obama Biden gameplan of cowering to the Iranian terrorist state while not befriending the State of Israel. And prior to the Jimmy Carter Iranian travesty, when the pro-West Shah was in charge, I trained with Iranian aircrew members. Jump forward to the present and the world recognizes Iran as world’s leading perpetrator and funder of terrorism.

Again, I must ask: What does the Democrat Party have against our nation?

The Obama, Biden, Clinton, and Kerry posse funded Iran’s terrorist initiatives. Our great friend the State of Israel is in Iran’s crosshairs with Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon and Hamas in the neighboring West Bank and the neighboring Gaza Strip.

And now, the worst travesty in all of American diplomatic history has just occurred. What happened in Afghanistan is an outrage that almost seems to have been orchestrated by an enemy of the United States.

Again, the “sound of silence” must stop, and the voices of the people must be heard and honored. I will have more to say on this topic. Stay tuned, the worst is yet to come.

John T. McNabb is co-founder of the Trump Leadership Council and former chairman and CEO of Willbros Group. He also serves as chairman of the Free Press Foundation Advisory Board and co-chair of Council for a Secure America. He is the author of the new book, A Nice Ride: Stories of America.