Son of notorious imam charged with training children at compound for school shootings

by WorldTribune Staff, August 10, 2018

One of the five “extremist Muslims” arrested at a New Mexico compound where 11 children were found living in squalid conditions was training the children to commit school shootings, according to court records filed on Aug 8.

The compound in rural New Mexico had no electricity or plumbing. / Taos County Sheriff’s Office

Prosecutors allege that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was teaching the children how to use assault rifles “in preparation for future school shootings.”

Wahhaj, 39, is the son of a Brooklyn imam, also named Siraj Wahhaj, who was named by prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the New York Post reported.

Eleven children between ages 1 and 15 were found at the compound, which had no electricity or plumbing, in rural New Mexico.

Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said the children “looked like third world country refugees not only with no food or fresh water, but with no shoes … and basically dirty rags for clothing.”

Hogrefe said Wahhaj was “heavily armed with an AR-15 rifle, five loaded 30 round magazines, and four loaded pistols, including one in his pocket when he was taken down.”

Authorities raided the compound on Aug. 3 after an investigation into the disappearance of of Wahhaj’s 3-year-old son, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj, who has severe medical issues and was reported missing from Georgia in December.

On Aug. 6, a child’s remains were found at the compound, but authorities were working on a positive identification and did not confirm if the remains were that of the missing boy.

Lucas Morton, Jany Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj, and Subhannah Wahhaj were also arrested at the compound on Aug. 3. All face child abuse charges.

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