Slow Joe and Nasty Kam: Connecting the dots

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By Bill Juneau

The Democrat team is now official and a big part of America is trembling — and with good reason. “Slow Joe” Biden and “Nasty” Kamala Harris are announcing grandiose and bizarre “changes” in America for when they take charge.

The four-day Democratic convention to officially anoint Biden and Harris as party nominees is beginning in Milwaukee and the attack on President Trump is pouring out. Acceptance speeches are scheduled for next Thursday.

‘Kamala Harris is glib and fast talking and smart in her sultry way, and so far to the left that she is likely to tip over.’ / YouTube image

Biden, who is clearly running on empty, will be leaving all decisions to his alter ego, the unlikable, far left junior senator from California, Ms. Harris. Well, that certainly is cause to make Republicans, conservatives, and tax payers nervous about the future.

But the news of a victory for Democrats next November is a bit premature, and in my judgment, possible, but a long shot, despite unreliable Democrat commissioned polls. In fact, my prediction is that Americans from across the USA will reelect President Trump handily, because the silent majority of citizens still prefer the blustery, pro-America, law-and-order loving incumbent waving Old Glory, to the weird duo of the befuddled Biden and the mendacious ultra-liberal Harris. That duo is accusing the country of being “systemic racists,” as evidenced by the death of George Floyd at the hands of one Minneapolis policeman.

Neither Slow Joe nor Nasty Kamala, the pro-abortion, distaff critic of law and order and a proponent of AOC and Bernie’s idiotic socialistic utopia, possesses the ability and heart of a President and a commander-in-chief. From appearances, Harris does not really like America where she avers that white cops cannot resist shooting innocent young black men. Well, let’s just say, their election is in no way a lock for Democrats, as some corners of the warped media are preaching.

Everyone who has watched Joe Biden over the past months and years, or have seen films of his asinine conduct and heard his inane yarns about “Corn Pop,” and his own “hairy legs” has to know that Biden is no longer playing with a full deck. As one professorial observer has noted, “Biden cannot finish a sentence. Names are vague eddies in his mind’s river of forgetfulness.” Imagine Slow Joe with his shaky hand on the nation’s war buttons.

So, what’s this all about? Let’s connect the dots.

Biden is clearly incapable of functioning as President, but he is the only Democrat who has a following and possesses a name for which victory over President Trump is a possibility. Other candidates in the Democratic party primaries, like Marxist Bernie and the Native American pretender, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, are dead bang losers. But Biden might be competitive based upon his name, although Biden, at 77, is now best known for hibernating in his basement. So Man, (as Biden himself would say) “Here’s the deal.”

Biden picked for his vice presidential running mate the California Junior senator who is a former Attorney General for the state. Kamala Harris is glib and fast talking and smart in her sultry way, and so far to the left that she is likely to tip over. And most important, she is, as Biden has promised, a woman, and a “woman of color,” whose father was a Jamaican and mother was from India. Harris was born in California in 1964 and became a citizen by birth on American soil, even though neither parent was an American citizen at that time.

Septuagenarian Biden has said that he will never seek a second term, leaving the door open for Harris to be the presidential candidate in 2024. But what if Biden cannot complete his first term in office, or if rich and powerful Democrats want him out? He is already showing signs of suffering from dementia and it would not take much for him to be removed from office in accord with the 25th amendment. But rather than be carted off for medical reasons, he could opt to resign and allow Vice President Harris to switch seats, and become President. And that appears to me to be the plan.

As an aside, it is notable that Jeanine Pirro, an astute TV commentator and a former New York prosecutor and judge, has publicly opined that she does not believe that Biden who clearly is running on empty, will ever be on the ticket. “I do not know how to explain it, but that is how I feel,” she said. But we will certainly have to see on that.

So the race to win on November 3 is on and Republicans have their hands full, but Americans may not want the snippy Harris with her pro abortion-on-demand views, and her endorsement of the nonsensical, trillion dollar “Green New Deal” in the oval office. Socialism and Marxism do not play well with Americans who still want Democracy and not the repressive government which was tried and failed in Venezuela, and which is full throttle in Russia and Red China. Harris acquired the “nasty” reputation as it seemed to fit her conduct prominently displayed on congressional committees while she questioned Republican witnesses like Attorney General William Barr, demanding “yes or no” answers to loony questions.

President Trump has often pointed to her bellicose manner. “I think that she is the meanest and most horrible and disrespectful senator of anyone in the United States Senate, he said, after hearing her question Supreme Court Nominee Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearing. Under the Kamala Harris way of doing things, citizens do not salute the American flag and do not stand with a hand on their heart at the playing of the national anthem. Under Trump, and in the tradition of past presidents, including Honest Abe, Teddy Roosevelt, JFK and Ronald Reagan the United States is special and should never be allowed to be denigrated while in the hands of chameleons whose genuine love of America just isn’t there.

Candidate Trump looks forward to the three scheduled debates with Biden in September and October in anticipation of the November 3 election. Democrats are trying to block the debates and the one sided media is saying that debates are superfluous and not needed. But if the debates go forward as scheduled, and Americans see the authentic Biden in action, President Trump’s win will be overwhelming.

Bill Juneau worked for 25 years as a reporter and night city editor at the Chicago Tribune. Subsequently he became a partner in a law firm and also served as a village prosecutor and as a consultant to the Cook County Circuit Court and to the Cook County Medical Examiner. He is currently writing columns and the ‘Florida Bill‘ blog.

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