Skewed reality: Poll reveals media’s remarkable impact on perception

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, September 21, 2022

A recent YouGov poll asked people how they envision America.

The answers given by participants in the poll are quite different than the real world demographics, Theodore Roosevelt Malloch pointed out in a Sept. 19 analysis for American Greatness.

Among the questions in the poll:

• What percentage of the country is black? The average answer was 41 percent. The actual number is 12 percent.

“Of course, if you watch television commercials, you would think it’s closer to 90 percent,” Malloch noted.

• What percentage of marriages are mixed race? Average answer: 50 percent. The actual number is 1 percent.

“If you watch television commercials, you would think it is more like 99 percent,” Malloch wrote.

• What percentage is “Latinx”? Average answer: 39 percent. The actual number is 16 percent.

“Also, most Latinos hate the term ‘Latinx,’ ” Malloch noted.

• How many families make over $500,000 a year? Average answer: 26 percent. The actual number is one percent.

“We somehow think a quarter of the country is rich,” Malloch wrote.

• What percentage of Americans are vegetarians? Average answer: 30 percent. The actual number is five percent.

• What percentage of Americans are transgender? The answer given was 22 percent. The actual number is less than one percent.

• What percentage of your fellow citizens are gay? The answer given was 30 percent. The actual number is about three percent.

The results are not surprising, the analysis noted, given the constant bombardment of woke propaganda from legacy media that permeates online reporting and TV broadcasts.

“The media and advertisers run race, gender, and wealth stories constantly. They aren’t just biased. They misrepresent the truth and have gone fully woke,” Malloch wrote, adding there is “nothing about everyday life lived by the majority of real people.”

Malloch added: “There may well come a day when a new-and-improved obsession with equality, diversity, and inclusion, or God forbid, the equity of outcomes, will grind down the very last of all things. That is clearly their plan. In the meantime, we need things that can serve as a map of the true landscape of unequal men and their unequal things. And perhaps some future Marxist ‘equalitarian’ or stylish university lecturer, with tats and nose rings will, upon reading or hearing them, suddenly remember the great truth: that things and men can be divided between better or worse, between good or evil ― and that, for the sake of all our sanity, we would do well to rank things as our ancestors once did.

“The yardstick was called excellence, in Latin, praestantia: fitness and superiority based in virtue, valor, and strength. It was colorblind and nonsexual. It was not dictated by some Marxist critical theory about dominance or privilege.”

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