Silence from FBI looms large as new evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop emerges daily

by WorldTribune Staff, October 19, 2020

As new evidence from the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden comes to light, the FBI continues to stonewall a Senate committee investigating the matter, the committee’s chair said.

Emails obtained by investigative reporter Peter Schweizer show that Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer used the White House and Hunter’s father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, as springboards for lucrative deals in China.

No one in the Biden camp, including Hunter Biden’s attorney, has challenged the authenticity of the emails.

Schweizer said he obtained emails showing a high-powered delegation of Chinese communist industrialists was able to gain access to senior Obama White House officials during a 2011 U.S. visit thanks to Archer, Hunter Biden’s principal business partner.

“Couldn’t confirm this with Hunter on line but we got him his meeting at the WH Monday for the Chinese folks,” Archer said in a November 2011 email to associates, first reported by Breitbart.

No one in the Biden camp, including Hunter Biden’s attorney, has challenged the authenticity of the emails. No person listed in email threads has come forward to debunk their authenticity.

Meanwhile, Sen. Ron Johnson, who chairs the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, acknowledged the possibility that the FBI investigated whether there was child pornography on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In an interview on Fox News, Johnson was asked about a Business Insider report that described faint handwriting on a subpoena served last year to a Delaware business that was given a water-damaged MacBook Pro to repair but was never retrieved and a hard drive with its contents. The hardware purportedly contained data about foreign business dealings and other matters related to Hunter Biden.

The subpoena appeared to show the FBI agent who served it was named “Joshua Wilson.” There was a Joshua Wilson, according to a Star-Ledger report published last year, who was an FBI agent based in New Jersey who spent nearly five years investigating child pornography, but it remains unclear if this is the same Wilson and what exactly the bureau was investigating.

Sunday Morning Futures host Maria Bartiromo asked Johnson if he knows of any connection to the Joshua Wilson story and the Hunter Biden laptop.

“I think you just made the connection. Again, this is what the FBI, I think, has to come clean about,” Johnson said.

The emails from the laptop, first reported by the New York Post, show that an executive at Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings, which paid Hunter Biden millions of dollars as a board member, was able to meet with Joe Biden in Washington in 2015 thanks to Hunter Biden. The Biden campaign said the executive was not on the vice president’s official schedule but they might have met briefly.

The emails also show Hunter Biden was guaranteed $10 million annually from a corrupt Chinese billionaire for what Hunter Biden called “introductions alone.”

Another email says a company was being set up for which the “big guy” would receive a 10 percent stake. Fox News reported that an email participant identified the “big guy” as Vice President Joe Biden.

Johnson said his committee is in possession of a copy of the hard drive from the Hunter Biden laptop and that the owner of the Delaware computer repair shop where the laptop was dropped off has confirmed it belonged to Hunter Biden.

Johnson said his committee has pressed the FBI, which reports say have had the information contained on the laptop for a year, for answers, but the FBI has stonewalled the committee.

The FBI “would not confirm or deny any information identified by the committee even though several of our questions were not related to the possible existence of an ongoing grand jury investigation,” Johnson said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“As my staff explained to FBI officials, this information is crucial for several reasons,” Johnson said. “For example, if any information offered to the committee was linked to a foreign adversary’s attempt to interfere in the election, I would expect the FBI to ensure the committee is protected and receives a defensive briefing. Similarly, knowingly providing false information to Congress is a crime, and I would expect the FBI to have informed me if, after having been given notice of what we received, this may have occurred. That is precisely why my staff reached out to the FBI.”

Johnson’s letter posed Wray a series of questions, such as whether the FBI in fact took custody of the hard drive and whether the FBI had come to any conclusions and found any evidence of crimes.

“Has the FBI determined whether these records were generated or authored by Hunter Biden? Has the FBI determined whether these records are a result from someone hacking Hunter Biden’s computer?” Johnson asked.

Rudy Giuliani, in an interview with the Daily Caller, said it was Hunter Biden who turned over the computer.

“My lawyer was contacted by this gentlemen who owned this store that fixes hard drives. Hunter Biden had come into the store probably a year earlier,” Giuliani said. “Turned over three devices. The guy couldn’t fix one. Fix the other immediately. Had to keep the hard drive. Hunter Biden came back in two days and brought him some kind of a keyboard that would help, and within a fairly short period of time he had it fixed and then he started calling Biden to pick it up. Couldn’t get any answer. Couldn’t get any response. Didn’t get paid.”

Giuliani continued: “And for some reason Hunter Biden never showed up. One of the reasons may be that the gentleman says that Hunter Biden was so drunk that he had a little trouble even getting his name out. And since I’ve now looked at the hard drive I find that to be very credible because, this is probably a bit of an exaggeration, but it looks like he’s high on crack about every other day for the last five or six years,” Mr. Giuliani said.

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