Sidney Powell: Obama’s fingerprints ‘all over’ Flynn investigation

by WorldTribune Staff, September 27, 2020

After new evidence emerged that authorities investigating Michael Flynn were out to “get Trump,” Flynn attorney Sidney Powell said President Barack Obama’s fingerprints were “all over” the Flynn investigation.

In a Friday night interview on Fox Business Network, Powell was asked about Obama’s role in the Flynn investigation.

Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and FBI Director James Comey.

Powell said: “His fingerprints are all over it. There’s the reference in the new text messages about how his briefing went on January 5th (2017). So it was a full-fledged briefing. And, of course, we have Susan Rice’s memo on it and James Comey’s memo on it. There’s a lot of information about that, and now we know that there are other people who need to be asked about it as well.”

“What was President Obama and the Obama administration doing here?” host Elizabeth MacDonald asked.

“They were exerting significant pressure on Comey and McCabe to keep the investigation going,” Powell said. “Apparently, particularly with Comey’s meetings with Biden and Obama, and Susan Rice, and Sally Yates and January 5th, and apparently for a few days before, either by phone or some kind of other meeting that, I think, is reflected in [Peter] Strzok’s notes that were given to us a few weeks ago indicating Obama said he wanted the right people put on it and the investigation to continue. And Biden mentioned the Logan Act. I think there was a meeting before the 5th, or at least a conversation before the 5th, that included that information.”

An FBI agent who participated in the investigation told the Department of Justice that the initial prosecution of Flynn seemed to be based on a desire to “get Trump,” according to a document filed by the DOJ on Friday.

The DOJ filed as part of the ongoing Flynn case the FBI 302, or interview summary, of a Sept. 17 interview of agent William Barnett conducted by Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri Jeffrey Jensen. Attorney General William Barr had asked Jensen to go over the case against Flynn, and Jensen has since joined U.S. Attorney John Durham in a probe of the origins of the Trump-Russia hoax.

Barnett told Jensen he thought the case against Flynn, who was investigated over alleged ties to Russian operatives, was “opaque” and operated “with little detail concerning specific evidence of criminal events.”

Barnett further stated that he was “still unsure of the basis of the investigation concerning Russia and the Trump campaign working together, without a specific criminal allegation,” after working for six weeks on the Flynn investigation.

“Trump was right,” an FBI employee declared shortly after the then-president-elect suggested that officials delayed a White House transition briefing on Russian meddling in the 2016 election because they needed time “to build a case.”

The admission is contained in a text message exchange that took place on Jan. 5, 2017, and was among several that lawyers for Flynn said were turned over to them late Thursday night.

During the conversation on the FBI’s “Lync” messaging system, unidentified employees discussed a briefing that day of Obama, according to the Friday court filing.

“What’s the word on how O’s briefing went,” one FBI worker asked.

“Dont know but people here are scrambling for info to support certain things and its a mad house,” another wrote.

The next message was the one-word response, “jesus,” followed by an apparent reference to a Trump tweet from two days earlier.

“trump was right. still not put together….why do we do this to ourselves. what is wrong with these people,” an FBI employee wrote.

In his Jan. 3, 2017, tweet, then-President elect Donald Trump wrote: “The ‘Intelligence’ briefing on so-called ‘Russian hacking’ was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”

Although the Justice Department in May agreed to drop its prosecution of Flynn — citing “newly discovered and disclosed information” obtained by the defense — presiding Judge Emmett Sullivan declined to dismiss the case.

Sullivan has scheduled oral arguments on the matter for Tuesday morning, hours before the first debate between Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

In an interview on Fox Business Network last month, Powell told MacDonald that she has “a lot of questions for” former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

“Are you going to take this to the Supreme Court?” Macdonald asked.

“If we have to,” Powell answered. “I’m hoping Judge Sullivan gets it right and salvages what is left of his reputation because he was the hero in my book ‘License to Lie,’ only to be a major disappointment.”

“The ones who were trying to make up a crime against him certainly should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice,” Powell said. “The abuse of power that went into the extended investigation and the harassment of him and his son proposed violations of Section 242, I think, abuse of power involving his civil rights, and those are at least misdemeanor offenses that should be prosecuted, especially in this circumstance.”

“Lawyers should, at minimum, should lose their law licenses, and those who knew exactly what they were doing and working so hard to do it here should be prosecuted for their conspiracies and falsification of documents and everything else,” Powell added.

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