Sidney Powell issues emotional appeal for D.C. lawyers ‘with a spine’ to defend 80 Jan. 6 prisoners

by WorldTribune Staff, August 25, 2021

Attorney Sidney Powell said more lawyers need to “step up” to represent the Jan. 6 detainees.

Sidney Powell

“We’re having trouble finding people willing to work for them even for compensation because of all the blowback that the Left heaps on anyone who stands up to seek justice,” Powell said on Aug. 24 in an interview on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Powell said that lawyers need to “show some backbone” and represent the Jan. 6 detainees who she noted “had no weapons.”

“Not a single weapon was recovered from the January 6th — quote — rioters,” she said. “No one was arrested on the scene. They were all hunted down afterwards based on social media, much of which misrepresented the situation.”

“None of the — quote — felonies that these people being charged with are valid,” Powell added.

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