Shock poll: 51 percent of Democrats favor confining unvaxxed in ‘designated facilities’

by WorldTribune Staff, January 14, 2022

A sharp partisan divide over a Chinese communist virus? How is that possible given that we have been told from the outset that “we’re all in this together?”

A majority of Democrats favor harsh punishments for those who refuse to get vaccinated, including fines and prison, a new Rasmussen Reports poll found.

Joe Biden’s “strongest supporters are most likely to endorse the harshest punishments against those who won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine,” Rasmussen Reports said.

“Among voters who have a Very Favorable impression of Biden, 51% are in favor of government putting the unvaccinated in ‘designated facilities,’ and 54% favor imposing fines or prison sentences on vaccine critics.”

“Over several questions in the survey for the Heartland Institute, the differences in how Republicans and Democrats view the crisis were stark,” Washington Examiner columnist Paul Bedard noted.

The poll found:

• 59% of Democrats favor home confinement for those who are not vaccinated. On the GOP side, 79% were opposed.
• Asked about those who challenge the government’s view of vaccines and if opponents should be jailed or fined for questioning it on social media, 48% of Democrats supported those punishments.
• Nearly half of Democrats favor forcing those who refuse to get the jab to wear tracking devices.
• Asked if they favor a federal or state fine for those who refuse a vaccine, only 19% of Republicans said “favor” to 55% of Democrats.
• 29% of Democrats would go so far as to support taking children away from parents who refused to be vaccinated.

As for Team Biden Covid czar Dr. Anthony Fauci, just 21% of Republicans said they view him favorably, compared to 75% of Democrats.

On Joe Biden’s mandate that companies of 100 employees or more should demand workers to get vaccinated, which was just struck down by the Supreme Court, just 22% of Republicans supported it, while Democrats were all in at 78%.

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