Shamed? No, doctor caught selling baby parts is thriving, marketing ‘all-trimester abortions’

Special to, February 13, 2023

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Commentary by Joe Schaeffer

Concerned Americans of good will understand that there are supernatural factors to the rapid decline of a once-free and formerly thriving United States. One does not have to be particularly religious to feel that a spirit of darkness has captured the nation and is furiously dragging it into the abyss.

“My name is Legion, for we are many,” the demon in the Gospel story answers when Christ asks its name. If ever a modern cultural Marxist consumerist phrase belonged in that Hellish pack, it would be “all-trimester abortion.”

Catholic journalist Katie Yoder posted a Feb. 10 tweet that captures how the unfathomable has become just another retail option in America today:

Partners in Abortion Care is one of only a few abortuaries in the nation currently advertising “all-trimester” services. But pro-abortion activists are working hard to expand the franchise.

Millions of citizens were horrified in 2015 by the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover investigation detailing Planned Parenthood’s role in harvesting murdered baby body parts and selling them to medical researchers. Among the featured ghouls in that devastating expose was Dr. Jennefer Russo, employed at the time as Medical Director at Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties in California.

From CMP’s March, 2016 report:

Russo confirms that her Planned Parenthood affiliate is currently working with a local biotech company to supply aborted fetal body parts: “Yeah, it’s Da Vinci,” she states. Da Vinci Biosciences, LLC, and its sister company, DV Biologics, LLC, are located in Orange County, CA and have been partnered with the local Planned Parenthood affiliate since 2008. Planned Parenthood Orange & San Bernardino Counties’ 2008 Annual Report lists Da Vinci Biosciences as one of the major financial donors to the abortion group.

“They take the whole specimen,” Russo explains about Da Vinci. Russo asks the undercover buyer, “You’re looking ideally for an intact specimen?” “As intact as possible,” the buyer replies.

Whereas it may have been thought at the time that, at the very least, those involved in this barbaric affair would be publicly shamed out of maintaining leading roles in the abortion and medical industries, nothing of the sort has occurred. As World Tribune has noted, Cate Dyer, whose company StemExpress acquired fully intact aborted babies from Planned Parenthood clinics and sold them to researchers, was named 2021 “Businesswoman of the Year” by the Sacramento Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

That same year, The Sacramento Business Journal honored her as one of its Most Admired CEOs.

And the NBA’s Sacramento Kings partnered with her company to have it “serve as the team’s official local COVID-19 testing provider.”

Jennefer Russo has similarly emerged unscathed from the scandal. She is now “Chief Medical Officer” for the DuPont Clinic, an “all-trimester abortion” facility in Washington, D.C.

On its website the clinic openly touts that it will kill your late-term baby for any reason. In fact, no reason is necessary at all:

Abortion after 26 weeks

If you are farther than 26 weeks into your pregnancy, we can still see you, regardless of your medical history, background, or fetal indications. We do not require any particular “reason” to be seen here – if you would like to terminate your pregnancy, we support you in that decision.

So much for all those scare stories in the big-box media about how these types of abortions are only done when babies with gruesome deformities are involved.

Eight months pregnant? No problem, DuPont’s FAQ section states:

How far into my pregnancy will you see me?

We provide care for patients through 31 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy. However, we have limited appointment availability so we encourage all prospective patients to call as soon as possible to ensure we have an appointment for you before the price increases or we aren’t able to provide care for you.

A late-term abortion customer testimonial section is the Yelp page of infanticide:

DuPont saved me from having to go through with what was a mistake that would cost me 18+ years of my life. I’m truly indebted to the entire staff there, I will never be able to thank them enough, and never be able to say enough nice things.

To anyone who has to get a late term abortion, go to DC. Go to DuPont. Above and beyond is an understatement.

Pro-life site Live Action last November reported that DuPont is eager to open a California branch:

Ahead of the possible passage of Proposition 1, which would allow abortion to birth for any reason in California, DuPont Clinic, the Washington D.C.-based abortion business that commits “all-trimester” abortions, has announced plans to open a location in Los Angeles in the fall of 2023.

Proposition 1 was approved by California voters on Nov. 8.

Live Action highlighted the sickening mindset of DuPont Clinic patient director Karishma Oza, who takes genuine joy over the clinic having late-term abortion “regulars”:

Oza [on a feminist podcast] also shared that DuPont Clinic has repeat clients who return for additional late-term abortions – and she “loves” it. She explained, “You know, I love the calls we get from return patients. And they’re like: ‘Karishma, it’s me! I’m calling! I’m here for my abortion again!’ I’m like: ‘Who’s me? Who’s calling?’ They’re like: ‘This is so-and-so from Tennessee.’ And I’m like: ‘Hey, what’s up?’ And they’re like: ‘I’m 24 weeks again. When can you see me?’ And I’m like, at the time it’s like: ‘Why didn’t you get care in your state?’ And it’s like: ‘Well, I’m coming to you all because I loved my abortion. I loved my experience at DuPont Clinic.’”

She continued, “I’m like: ‘All right, great, let’s get you in!’ I think abortion in all trimesters is beautiful. And you know, there is also a myth that abortion in the second and third trimester is only for people experiencing anomalies. That’s also not true. Of course, we serve people who have anomalies at our clinic, and we do it with a whole lot of heart and compassion. But there’s this misconception that there also has to be something wrong with the pregnancy in order to have an abortion, and that’s just not true.”

This would seem a good time to point out that taxpayer-funded NPR has gone from simply displaying a flagrant leftist political bias to actively endorsing the gravest evils to be found in the Culture of Death terror trove.

An unabashedly positive Sept. 1, 2022 NPR report made sure to include that marketing phrase “all-trimester abortion” in the headline.

NPR correspondent Melissa Block, “one of NPR’s most familiar and beloved voices” according to her corporate bio, interviewed Dr. Diane Horvath and certified nurse midwife Morgan Nuzzo, co-owners of Maryland’s Partners in Abortion Care clinic.

What followed was NPR absolutely attempting to normalize infanticide. From a transcript of the conclusion of the interview:

BLOCK: The clinic’s owners say they feel called to do this work. Morgan Nuzzo would like people to understand this.

NUZZO: You know, we’re not monsters. We’re trying to help people. We’re really, really, really trying to help people who are in absolutely unimaginable situations.

BLOCK: By talking about their work, she says, maybe it can help dissolve the stigma around later abortion and the people who seek it.

Melissa Block, NPR News.

Elsewhere in the interview, Horvath tells Block that Partners in Care will provide abortions for “up to 34 weeks gestation.”

“Every time we draw a line and we say, no more abortions after this point, someone’s going to fall on the other side of that line. And they’re going to be harmed,” Horvath declared.

In a truly duplicitous manner, Block ventilates what DuPont Clinic openly advertises but cannot publicly admit on a “respectable” media brand like NPR – that late-term abortions will not only be performed on those dealing with extreme health complications:

BLOCK: The clinic expects to treat an influx of people coming north from states with new abortion bans. It could be someone whose fetus has serious anomalies that are often only discovered later in pregnancy, or a patient whose continued pregnancy threatens their health. Along with those cases, says Dr. Horvath…

HORVATH: We’re definitely also going to be seeing people who wanted an abortion two or three months ago and could not navigate the web of restrictions or could not come up with the funding, or could not get transportation or childcare or time off of work. And that’s a really common story.

Isn’t it nice to know that your taxpayer dollars are going to provide smooth PR for killing babies at the 8 1/2 -month mark?

This is hardly an outlier for NPR. In September, the outlet defended the warping of childhood innocence in a disgraceful article titled “The case for starting sex ed in kindergarten (hula hoops recommended).”

Let’s finish with this choice nugget via the Center for Medical Progress’s undercover probe of Jennefer Russo during the Planned Parenthood baby-parts-selling saga:

Asked a second time about producing intact fetuses in late 2nd-trimester cases for organ harvesting, Russo admits, “It happens sometimes, but it’s pretty rare.” She continues with a smile, “But, we try.”

Fast forward seven years, and things have never been better for Russo. Any opprobrium she may have faced from selling the fully-intact bodies of murdered babies has long faded away, and she is free to avidly pursue her business of choice, armed with a catchy new NPR-approved marketing jingle: “all-trimester abortion.”

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