Sgt. Joe Friday, call the office: Schiff names ‘Dossier’ enthusiast to head investigations

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, March 6, 2019

Law and order was once popularized by an unflappable detective on the TV series “Dragnet.” Sgt. Joe Friday was known for his laconic response to dramatic crimes: “All we want are the facts, ma’am.”

House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff and his staff appear to have a different perspective on justice.

‘This is the city, Los Angeles, California.. I work here.. I’m a cop.’

A lawyer who is a big fan of the anti-Trump “Russia Dossier” and revels in Trump conspiracy theories on Twitter has been hired by House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff as the committee’s new director of investigations.

Daniel Goldman, a former assistant U.S. Attorney and mob prosecutor in Manhattan, will oversee the committee’s wide-ranging investigation into President Donald Trump, his family and his businesses.

Goldman “is a big proponent of the discarded dossier about President Trump, tweeting as recently as Dec. 27 that ‘nothing has been undermined thus far,’ ” security correspondent Rowan Scarborough wrote for The Washington Times on March 5.

Goldman has endorsed the tale told by dossier author Christopher Steele of how former Trump attorney Michael Cohen secretly traveled to Prague in August 2016 to meet with Vladimir Putin aides and to orchestrate a coverup of Russian hacking.

On Dec. 27, Goldman responded to a disputed McClatchy news service story that said a cell tower picked up a ping from Cohen’s phone near Prague.

Goldman tweeted, “a few reax points: 1) If Mueller knows this, and Cohen came clean (as they say he did), why not plead to lying to Congress about this? 2) critical corroboration of Steele Dossier. Nothing has been undermined thus far. 3) collusion!! 4) big cover-up.”

“Goldman’s conjecture was wrong on two points,” Scarborough noted. “Cohen testified last month to the House Oversight Committee that he has never been to Prague and hasn’t told special counsel Robert Mueller that he did.

“Since Cohen has been convicted of other crimes and now has publicly turned against the man whom he served for years as a ‘fixer,’ he’d have every reason to say that he’d been to Prague if he ever had and that his years of denials of the Steele dossier were further lies in service of Trump. But he has remained firm in denying the Prague visit to this day.”

All of the dossier’s collusion charges remain unfounded.

Republicans say the fact that Goldman enthusiastically believes the Steele dossier is true signals he will carry out a partisan investigation.

Goldman’s Twitter feed “also is full of conspiracy allegations against President Trump,” Scarborough noted.

Goldman has been an analyst on NBC News and MSNBC, two anti-Trump networks.

On Dec. 21, he reacted to a CNN story that said Trump had complained to acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office which is investigating Trump.

Goldman tweeted, “This is beyond improper. We cannot become numb to his misconduct. Trump ‘looks bad’ because he committed a crime, nothing else. He is not above the law.”

Cohen and Whitaker, under penalty of perjury, have denied discussing the Russian investigation.

On Dec. 18, Goldman tweeted, “Trump University crumbled in fraud. Now the Trump Foundation is dissolving amidst a cloud of misconduct and fraud. The Trump Organization is also shrouded in allegations of misconduct. Why should we believe our country is run any differently?”

On Dec. 3 he tweeted, “Having prosecuted mob bosses, it’s unfair to compare them to Trump. Mob bosses are far smarter and way more savvy and discrete than Trump.”

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