Sen. Hawley sounds the alarm: ‘Have you checked your social credit score today?’

Analysis by WorldTribune Staff, January 25, 2021

In the 19 days since the Jan. 6, 2021 rally in support of President Donald Trump, the Left has moved with lightning speed to silence dissent in the once-free United States of America. One U.S. senator is speaking out “while we still can.”

“The powerful see in the present moment an opportunity to consolidate their control over society and to squelch dissent. That means those who believe in the First Amendment and the fundamental principles of American liberty must now take a stand, while we still can.”

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley wrote that in a Jan. 24 op-ed for the New York Post in which he highlighted the import by Americans leftists of the social credit score, “the latest corporate import from Communist China, where government and big business monitor every citizen’s social views and statements.”

“Have you checked your social credit score lately? You might want to. Mine seems to have taken a nosedive this month. You might want to see how yours is doing,” wrote Hawley, who was targeted by the leftist mob after he objected to the counting of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes on Jan. 6.

“You’ll need to get good grades in school and stay out of trouble with the law. But that’s just the start — you have to earn your right to live in polite society these days,” Hawley wrote.

“So if you want to get a good job, stay at hotels and be served at restaurants, you will need to do a few other things. You will need to voice the right opinions. You will need to endorse the right ideas. You will need to conform. That’s what the corporate chieftains tell us, anyway.”

The woke cancel culture mob “tried to reprimand” Hawley because, he noted, “on behalf of the voters of my state, I raised a challenge to the presidential electors from Pennsylvania after that state conducted the election in violation of the state constitution. Maybe you agree with me. Maybe you don’t. But whatever your view, corporate America’s rush to cancel those it dislikes should trouble you. In my case, it started with leftist politicians demanding I resign from office for representing the views of my constituents and leading a democratic debate on the floor of the Senate.”

Hawley continued: “Taking that cue, a corporate publishing house then canceled a book it had asked me to write. Ironically enough, the book is about political censorship by the most powerful corporations in America. (And will be published by an independent publishing house.) Now corporate America is canceling my political events, because two parties are apparently one too many for their taste.”

Social credit scores, Hawley noted, are the “latest form of cancel culture in this country, as corporate monopolies and the Left team up to shut down speech they don’t like and force their political agenda on America. For those who still believe in free speech and the First Amendment, this is the time to take a stand.”

As an “unperson” in their eyes, the “thought police” don’t want Hawley, or anybody else for that matter, to take that stand.

The enemies of free speech, those who gleefully join the mob aimed at canceling ideological foes, took their cue from their woke overlords and masked up, lined up 6-feet apart, and voiced in unison their outrage at Hawley, many calling for him to resign or be removed from the Senate.

The Never-Trumpers at The Lincoln Project, not surprisingly, called for Hawley to resign. Jennifer Horn, a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, called Hawley a “traitor.”

Likely aware that others have been saying this about himself for years, LA Times columnist Jonah Goldberg nonetheless wrote of Hawley: “I’d be embarrassed for him, except he knows exactly what he’s doing.”

These are the SJWs who believe in a “final solution” for Trump supporters. Social credit scores are necessary as America must be “cleansed” of MAGA and those who back the 45th president must be “deprogrammed” much like the Chinese Communist Party is currently doing to more than 1 million Muslims in concentration camps.

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