‘Self-inflicted’: Limbaugh warns Democrats-Media precipitating catastrophic depression

by WorldTribune Staff, April 17, 2020

The U.S. economy is headed toward another great depression if it contracts any further due to the coronavirus shutdown, radio host Rush Limbaugh warned.

‘Three years to revive an economy, create roaring circumstances. It took less than two months to wipe it all out.’ / Reuters

“All we need is a 30 to 40 percent contraction in this economy,” Limbaugh said on his April 16 broadcast. “We’ll hit Great Recession territory first and then depression, if this doesn’t stop — and the idea that there are people advocating for this!”

Reversal of the path to depression could begin immediately, but “there are forces arrayed against doing that,” Limbaugh said. “We know who they are. We know exactly. We know they’re all Democrats. We know they are some in the health and medical community.”

Limbaugh continued: “The Drive-By Media and the Democrats are fully on board with the Democrat agenda here … They are hoping that coronavirus accomplishes what Robert Mueller, impeachment, and Adam Schiff failed to do.”

Limbaugh said that Americans are “doing this to ourselves – and it’s amazing how quickly!”

“Three years to revive an economy, create roaring circumstances. It took less than two months to wipe it all out. Twenty-two million people filing for unemployment compensation — 22 million — and the idea that there is not an angry outcry from all over the world that this must stop?,” Limbaugh said.

“That outcry had better happen, because this… We’re beyond now saying this is unsustainable. This is untenable! This is cataclysmic! We’re in the midst of a self-created disaster that we could fix (snap, snap, snap) at the snap of our fingers.

“How in the world can anybody sane want to keep this economy shut down?” the radio host asked, repeatedly pointing out how the entire concept of what has occurred in America over the past two months is nothing less than astonishing:

“How can anybody sane be anything less than scared and outraged and mortified that 22 million people have been thrown out of work over something that may end up killing fewer than 50,000 people? It is unprecedented! And yet there are people who want to maintain the circumstances we are in. And it boggles the mind.

“It is so counterintuitive to Americanism,” Limbaugh continued. “We cannot go on! … I can’t believe it has gone on this long! I can’t believe… In one way, I can’t believe the American people haven’t arisen in outrage over this yet.”

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