Security tab for Hillary’s misadventures in India was picked up by U.S. taxpayers

by WorldTribune Staff, March 20, 2018

During her recent trip to India, Hillary Clinton said white women who voted for Donald Trump were essentially Stepford wives while others who voted against her don’t like “black people getting rights” or “women getting jobs.”

Hillary Clinton in India. / Getty Images

Prominent former supporters of the former First Lady were quick to suggest she had slipped up, not including the viral images of her slipping and sliding down steps at an India palace.

And U.S. taxpayers helped foot the bill for the former first lady’s excellent adventure.

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Citing publicly disclosed federal contract information, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Clinton’s travel to India cost American taxpayers at least $22,000.

Clinton traveled to India as a private citizen, “but as a former first lady she is given U.S. Secret Service protection for life, and the State Department awarded two contracts worth $16,143 and $6,301 for her security detail’s travel and lodging on the trip,” the Free Beacon report said.

The contracts were for “logistic services for USSS to support FFLOTUS visit” and say they are for “travel/lodging,” the report said.

Two other contracts, one worth $21,093 and another worth $23,690, were awarded by the American Consulate in Mumbai for March hotel reservations for Secret Service agents in Mumbai and Maheshwar, another town Clinton visited on her trip, the report said.

Daily Caller reporter at large Benny Johnson noted on March 19 that “The Secret Service came in handy. During one dramatic moment on a tour, Clinton could be seen slipping down ancient steps of a temple multiple times. Clinton needed to hold the hands of her guide and service agent to descend the stairs. Clinton was also hospitalized during the trip for slipping in a 5-star resort bathtub.”

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