Russia tests hypersonic missile it says is impervious to U.S. missile defense systems

by WorldTribune Staff, June 5, 2017

Russia has conducted the first test of a hypersonic missile it claims can fly at 6 times the speed of sound and makes U.S. missile defense systems obsolete.

Russia’s said the Zircon would go into serial production in 2018.

Military analyst Vladimir Tuchkov told government-controlled news agency Sputnik: “It (the Zircon missile system) is expected to be added into Russia’s arsenal between 2018 and 2020.”

Sputnik suggested the Zircon missile, which was tested a year ahead of schedule, could be installed on Pyotr Veliky, Russia’s nuclear-powered missile strike ship.

The Zircon can fly at 4,600 mph, faster than any other missile known to exist.

The hypersonic missiles are a “quantum leap in technology,” defense analyst Tim Ripley told IHS Jane’s Defense Weekly.

​“It will greatly reduce the reaction time that they (Western military) have to deploy their own defenses and counter-measures,” Ripley said.

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